Police Brutality: Officers Tackle 14-Year-Old Holding Puppy

boy tackled by police

The rash of police brutality against black teenagers only seems to be getting worse. We're shocked and horrified by the details of a recent incident in Miami. Alternet reports a 14-year-old boy holding a puppy was tackled to the ground and choked by police officers.

Tremaine McMillan said he was feeding his puppy and hanging out with his friends at Haulover Beach, being rowdy as kids on the beach are, when he was approached by police officers on ATVs. The officers told scolded him for his "unacceptable behavior" and asked them where his mother was. The police report then indicates that Tremaine walked away, after which the officers pinned him to the ground. They claimed he was "clenching his fists" and giving the officers "dehumanizing stares" but Tremaine said that wasn't possible because he was holding his six-week old puppy.

Polo the puppy was slapped from Tremaine's hands while the police tackled him, hurting his front left paw. The dog, however, isn't mentioned in the police report. Police detective Alvaro Zabaleta said the use of force was justified because of the boy's threatening body language.

Tremaine's mother was at the beach that day and captured footage of the police officers' behavior using her cell phone. She told the local CBS station that she tried to intervene. "I ran over there and said, 'That's my son, that's my son. Can you get off of him? He can't breathe.'"

Tremaine, at 14 years old, has been charged with resisting arrest, a felony, and disorderly conduct. His lawyers entered a plea of not guilty and asked the judge to reduce the charges. The judge declined the request.

Our hearts go out to Tremaine and his family and we really can't believe that grown men would jump on a 14-year-old like this and charge him with a felony. The footage below is hard to watch and we hope the family receives justice.

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  • What The Hell Ever

    Intimidated by a 14-year old, huh? Shame.

    • R!-Goddamn-Diculous

      and he was holding a puppy……

  • spcmnky

    And this is how it all begins. A young black male with a criminal record. Future job prospects gone. Chances of getting into a good college gone. Chances of getting a loan for college, home, car gone. Already criminalized at 14 because this p!g wanted to prove a point… I hope they get a good lawyer to sue the cr@p out of these p!gs, get a settlement and get his record expunged. Otherwise, he is marked for life. I get so angry when I read stuff like this. SMH…

  • DaisyDooks

    How does an unarmed child holding a puppy pose a threat to an individual with lethal weapons? What is threatening body language? Why did it take TWO adults to apprehend a 14 yr old boy?

  • Sunshinegirl

    So you mean to tell me that it’s against the law to a point where I have to be thrown to the grown and restrained like a criminal because I give an officer a “dehumanizing stare?” This is so disheartening that Black people are treated this way.

    • TiredofBS

      Sunshine and others please note this bro was not as innocent as he seems. He has multiple offenses, has served time in prison lite, last year was accused of feeling up a 10 year old girl, his cousin. Please defend those who deserve it not just some upped negro. Make sure, sheesh look it up, hell if I was there I would of kicked in the head for being a pervert. Only one I feel sorry for is the pup!

      • megatonponch

        could you provide a link to the info?

  • Storm


  • Shaquiqui

    “Tremaine”..Why don’t you black Americans just let the nurses name them for you after you push them out. Tremaine..sigh.

    • Wuluwulu

      Why don’t you crawl back up the poopy anus u fell from?

  • dobetteryall

    We need to form a union this has got stop thats a child when are people going to get tired of this. I guess when its thier own child. Obviously the marching aint working we need a new force. I just dont get I mean how sleep can our people be at least educate yourselves on history at least read the willie lynch letter. I just dont get….

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=621066500 Nicole Stewart

    I pray that his family gets a brilliant attorney and along with this footage, is able to sue the police department. This is ridiculous!! I hope the dog is doing well too.

  • Ariona Taylor

    Anyone noticed Tremaine McMillian. Treyvon Martin. They have the same initials. Please mothers, don’t give your sons a name that begins with T or M. Those letters are EVIL!!!!!!!