Instagram: The Kids Who Steal The Show


Kids learn to start expressing themselves at a young age. From bow ties to floral printed pants, Mommynoire is love with the creative independence of the following fashionistas on Instagram. Who will you start following?

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  • TXMom

    I’m definitely gonna check out the My Glam Girls Rock website when it launches. I have two little girls that love everything glamorous.

  • I8bo$$ip

    Did you guys get permission to post these kids photos?


    BABY_MANNEQUINN (Instagram)

  • garwilly

    Future babyman

  • LaToya

    Thanks for the LOVE y’all!!!!! From My GLAM Girls ROCK xoxoxo

    • Meredith

      Love their style!! I’ll definitely have to check it out when it’s up

  • LANA

    WHY cant kids be kids? Yes its cute Ill admit it but to mold kids to think that looks are the most important thing is doing a huge disservice to them. I mean seriously these people should stop trying to live through their kids and teach them values that will shape them into decent human beings. I see spoiled bullies and brats in the making…smh

    • Meredith

      Some kids just like dressing up. I never cared about clothes and most days look like I got dressed in the dark, but my five year old loves putting fun outfits together and rocking the sparkles. Having values and being adorable are not mutually exclusive.