Yesterday, notorious gossip site TMZ revealed a joke commercial it said it “wasn’t sure” it would be received well. Called “Black Baby”, it makes fun of white celebrities adopting black children as “the cutest accessory” that also rids them of any white guilt they may have.

Babies are cute, no matter whether they are white or black. Interracial, multi-ethnic families are becoming common in Hollywood. It has been estimated that 40% of the adoption that is happening today is transracial. A wide range of celebrities including Sandra Bullock and Hugh Jackman has adopted black babies. This is actually a good sign against discrimination. Racism is something that has been prevailing for years. Adopting black babies by famous personalities can influence the attitude of common people towards opposite races. Even we have seen a lot of persons from NGOs and personalities like Madonna, Angelina who visits underdeveloped countries like Africa and ensures good health and education to thousands of black kids there.

Some people argue that people are doing it to gain attention and fame. They come up with their own doubts and explanation for the same. It matters why they want to do it and who is actually getting benefitted. It is even said that the cost of the black babies is less. It is totally unfair to undervalue a child based on the color. There is also talk that rich white people who are racists, adopt black babies and do horrible things to them, which is so scary!

The babies should be in the right hand for their successful future. Transracial adoption is a recent trend in the USA. The authorities should carefully do the background check of the parents who want to adopt a black baby. They should be interviewed to know why they are specifically interested in the black race. They should let them proceed with the adoption only if the authorities are convinced.

It is not a fancy thing or a joke. Once adopted, it is the responsibility of the adopted parents to boost confidence and spirit in the black child so that he won’t feel inferior amidst the family of whites. Adoption is a beautiful thing. Mommies who desperately wants a baby and who can shower unconditional love, no matter what, deserves a baby and they can be the wonderful mommies.

What do you think? Funny or just plain wrong?