Huggies Makes a Belt that Lets Dad Feel Baby Kick

huggies pregnant dad
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Plenty of dads have confessed to feeling sympathy pains or even sympathy weight gain when their partners get pregnant. Thanks to Huggies, dad can take it even further and feel what mom feels when the baby kicks.

The video's voiceover says, "Pregnancy was always about her. That's why at Huggies we did something special to compensate fathers." The diaper maker has come up with a way to transfer the sensations of a baby's movements from mothers to fathers in real time. It's a weird concept, but watching these dads cry gives us a change of heart.

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  • kierah

    I would love to try that out with my husband. During our first pregnancy, he was fascinated by my belly movements. Of course nothing REALLY can simulate that feeling when your whole belly morphs like a jello mold, lol!