7 Adorable Photos of Janet Jackson & Tupac Shakur


When a thug meets a privileged African American woman, anything goes! Yet on the set of Poetic Justice, Janet & Tupac made their chemistry look real. Viewers couldn't get enough of the awkward match. Take a look at some adorable photos of Janet and Mr. Shakur:

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  • StoptheRatchet!

    Cute pics. I think they look cute together.

    • Move away from Negos

      Go check out Poetic Justice when they keep saying F you to each other. Hilarious

  • Black

    I miss him.

  • talktalk

    they were supposed get married!

    • Mlemos89

      Relax, Tupac said in his BIO that Janet changed her number on him the day after the movie wrapped.

      • Ebony

        That’s because she was waiting on jermaine dupree lol

  • uniquefashionista

    My brother told me something funny about these two. He said after they finished filming Poetic Justice, everyone exchanged phone numbers and agreed to keep in touch. When Tupac went to call Janet, he got the recording when someone’s phone number has been changed. Apparently, Janet and Tupac couldn’t have hooked up anyway because she was married to Rene Elizondo at the time. Rene was also in the movie as the Hispanic guy who worked at the post office with Tupac and Joe Torrey.