Weaving & Winning: 21 Fierce Beyonce Hairstyles


Take a dip into these sassy and trend setting Beyonce hairstyles. Ms. Bey has been turning heads for several years with a range of hairstyles that frankly put the "we" in a weave. Any of these  21 looks will have you running head first into your stylist chair to try out something new!

Bow down, click through and get inspired with her most fierce hairstyles. #WERK!

 Weaving & Winning: 21 Fierce Beyonce Hairstyles

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  • universal

    im just wondering what her REAL hair looks like…..has anyone seen it??(just wondering)

    • Diamond CurveBody Wraps

      Yes. There’s 1 pic on google. Google it. She looks nice, she has on a black shirt/dress. It’s her normal weave color, a little lengthy, but very thin in comparison to how we usually see her. It’s an old pic though.

  • Britt

    Should have taken off the bangs pics and replaced it with her hairstyle from the Single Ladies video! everyone was rocking that hump after that vid! even white girls, lol.


    a more appropo post title would’ve been ‘Wigging & Winning’, jussayin.
    Beybe is wigs all day erryday. lol

    #19 is reminiscent of the ‘Me, Myself & I’ vid, which i loved. it gives her that youthfulness. :)

  • CaramelDream

    Yep winning!


    The black curly hair gorgeous, my fave.

  • aer

    i think she looks ber rather than the blonde. it more of a contract against her fair skin

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