9 Priceless Moments of Prince on Stage


Prince Rogers Nelson recently celebrated his 55th birthday. There's one thing Mr. Rogers does best, and that's give a great show. The icon simply known as Prince, knows how to give good face while on stage too. We've collected 9 amazing moments of Prince on stage. Can you dig it? Take a look:

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  • DaisyDooks

    Pic #1 – WOW!!

  • Starr

    I’s loves you’s Prince!!!!!!

  • Yamini

    Love this man!

  • bigdawgman

    That first pic is what inspired Miguel to do his leg drop. Fool! You ain’t no Prince, you’re just a pauper!

  • SaxAddict93

    I thought one would for sure be of him throwing his guitar in the air..the one in the early 90s. That picture is bomb.