9 Celebrity Relationships We Wish Never Ended


All good things come to an end. Take a ride with Mommynoire as we look at some of the most popular romances in pop culture that ended too soon:

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  • IJS

    What about Russell and Kimora!?!

    • Beautifulh

      Good one.

    • lkofie

      Oh yes FOR SURE…..as a matter of fact I STILL miss them being MARRIED….TOGETHER! Not just “happily” co-parenting.


    I know that some people are not meant to be together but sometimes it is good to remain friends in order to show that your business is not easily to be displayed over the media.

  • Emma

    Where is Bruce Willis and Demi Moore? Some of these couples should’ve worked it out.

  • lkofie

    I am DEFINATELY ON BOARD with Nas and Kelis….I mean they seemed to be SO in tuned with each other and they were part of “Hip Hop royalty”.