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Being able to establish and honor your own self-worth is a very difficult task for most of us. When you start to believe in your values you start to feel that you are selfish and this make you stop midway without being able to know how valuable you are.

It is important to understand what self-worth actually is and how it is important. You need to also know what to do in order to build your own self-worth. Once you realize how valuable you are, you immediately start to see many positive changes within yourself.

Self-worth is your sense of value. It lets you value who you actually are from the inside. One should not confuse self-worth to self-esteem. When you understand what your self-worth is you will be able to appreciate what is your contribution to the world and will not compare yourself with someone else. You will start to appreciate your individuality and be able to accept your qualities which are unique just to you.

How to build your self-worth

You are valuable to the world and you just have to see how valuable you are. This is what is the key to help you to build your self-worth. How to build your self-worth will depend on what values you are able to identify in yourself. This is an important site to guide you on how to build your self-worth.

Stop comparing

The first step to improving your own self-worth is to stop comparing yourself. There is bound to be someone who will be earning more than you. There has to be someone who will have a better face than you and there will be one who will be owning a better car than you. The idea is that you understand that you are important and special and that comparing yourself with others is what is making you feel low. Leave those thoughts that make you feel low and instead focus on things that are positive.

 Each assignment will include homework, resources and actionable steps. Let’s move beyond the surface to experience the true love and intimacy we deserve. Are you in?