Body Party: 9 of Ciara’s Best Moves


Since Ciara came on the scene in 2004, her career has had some flubs, but one thing that's undeniable is her dancing prowess. Here are some snap shots of the singer's best moves:

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  • ciara’s bet award performance>

    Best female dancer currently. Hands down. Can not front and say she is not. Just keeping it real.

    • AnthoNarcissus

      True…and one of the only performers last night who actually put in an effort & worked up a sweat to entertain us. Some of those rappers last night looked as if they needed B-12 injections, Serotonin drops, & some Pixie-Sticks.!!! One dude did half of his song sitting on a stool;(

      • cantstandsher

        That’s cause most of them are too busy smoking too much weed, drinking too much alcohol and doing all the other stuff they’re doing so they can’t perform their best. No energy. (omg that baby swaddled in the green blanket is so cute. I had to say that.)

  • cantstandsher

    Every move is her best move. I love that bish!!

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  • Southern Snitch

    Just like Janet Jackson…..Dance their a$$ off but can’t sing a bit