Meet Lauryn Hill’s Children


It's hard to believe that 38-year-old Lauryn Hill is the mother of six children. Yes, six children. The first five are with her long-time love, Rohan Marley, the son of Reggae legend Bob Marley. The sixth child who is a boy named Micah is with Lauryn's latest beau. He remains nameless to the public. If you haven't met all of Hill's adorable children individually with the except of her newest baby Micah, take a look:

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  • CarlaKah

    Wow. They are all cute though!

  • Ms. Chocolate

    Lauren has beautiful children. Zion looks like a young Bob Marley and even stands like him…

  • reese

    I cannot believe she had 5 kids with this man without getting a ring. And now has another kid by a different man. I wonder where they are while she is serving jail sentence

    • Wildflower

      Not everybody needs “that piece of paper” to justify their love and commitment to one another. Hell with a divorce rate of over 50% it isn’t like that paper does anything to keep people together now do it?

      • wheelnut53

        Not being married is a sign the man doesn’t think much of you , and that you don’t think you deserve a proposal .

        • Wildflower

          This is what society would like for women to believe but if you haven’t notice women are beginning to lead the pack now and we don’t need a man or his proposal to validate us anymore. It could just possibly be a sign the woman doesn’t think much of you and he’s not worthy of her hand in marriage. Women are still being proposed to and unlike back in the day women are turning them down. I’ve let 2 go in my lifetime. Men aren’t exactly stepping up to the plate and being the leaders they were put on this earth to be like they use to.

          • reese

            That is bs. Look at the statistics for single parents and they are well below married parents in every field. If men weren’t needed why can’t women get pregnant by themselves. You are delusion if you think different. why do you think they have moments like no ring no womb. Because women are re-realizing that kids need their fathers.

      • reese

        Even with the divorce rates so high I would demand a ring if you are going to have kids. Kids raised with married father and mother do much better in all statistics. No they are better off jumping to man to man and having multiple baby fathers.

        • Wildflower

          Bulls#*&! and you’re entitled to your opinion. Every woman should experience motherhood if she’s ever dreamed of becoming a mother. Men today aren’t the men of yesterday. If I had not found someone I respected and love as a spouse I would have eventually adopted or had a child on my own if that is what it takes to be a mother. You need to wake up and realized that some of the old thinking has changed with the times.

          • realflyymommy

            Girl please! no one wants to raise a baby alone, that’s why it takes two to naturally make a child, it takes two to raise a child to be a confident well rounded individual, I don’t care what you think. Boys and girls need a mother and a father in their lives. You have been deceived and doing your life and children a huge disservice by not being married. Marriage takes work but it is truly worth it, and many men don’t step up to the plate because they don’t know how to! be a Queen and encourage and uplift your man and if hes a “real” dude who really wants to grow and have a family, he will flourish and be all that you dreamed him to be. The real world does have real men and women out there…they are just busy handling business.

          • frank Divo

            Wildflower: I may be wrong, but do you have Section 8 and food stamp vouchers in your purse right now?

          • Lulu

            Frank Divo spoke like a truly ignorant, judgmental dummy. If someone does not want to be married and still have children, that is their prerogative. Most married women end up cheated on, living with convicts and/or pedophiles, beaten, left for another woman or man and the list goes on and on. Men are nothing like they used to be. I do not blame women for not wanting to take time sifting thru that trash. I have an awesome boyfriend but I am a successful, happy single parent of 3 and that is how I will remain. A man does not define you. You can be a single, educated, successful, happy loving mother. We do it every day, some by choice and some not. Good day!

          • frank Divo

            Lulu: You say you are a single parent of 3, with an awesome boyfriend? Oh my! So when are you giving birth to your 4th child?

  • frank Divo

    This just another part of the sad modern day stereotype of 75% of all black children are born to single black women with no husband. A child deserves a mother and father. Where did we go wrong?

    • Anne Brown

      ummm most of these pictures were taken with the children’s father! stfu!

      • wheelnut53

        supposedly the daddy remember when she lied and said they were someone else kids at first , anybody notice how other black women co-sign on this ratchet behavior ? and women are suppose to be about morals and decency not any more and they call themselves Queens

        • jada b.


        • lordofthegays

          Go take your ignorance elsewhere.

    • Guestisstupid

      You go elsewhere and stop stating people went wrong.

    • Wildflower

      The morning after pill wasn’t available to your mom.

    • Ashley

      So, with your logic, if a woman is not married that automatically means the father is not in the picture? Hmmm…Where did you come up with that?

      • frank Divo

        in Lauryn semi-lucid state of mind these days, she probably thinks SHE is the father of those kids.

  • Yolanda G

    God Bless love your pic… Beautiful Family just played your cd today as well as on youtube. Im a mother of five as well as a grandmother… So big ups to you I know you are doing your motherly duties… I have been with my man 19 Years four out of five are biologically his. But he is dad to all our oldest is 21. A loving Family

    • MissTruth Hurts

      So what, shut up. You probably weren’t married to either man just like this weird silly stupid heifer. Lauren & you need to have your heads examined.

      • wheelnut53

        I have to apologize I had said no women were calling Lauren on this , so good to see some women still have a sense of decency

    • TruthItellu1

      Good for you Yolanda. Somebody needs Psych meds. God bless you and yours. :)

    • shbkyn45

      Praise is due the black man, and woman.

  • LiddyBug86

    Beautiful kids, just like Ms.Hill.

  • Nett

    Lauryn had a host of children by a man who didn’t think she was worthy to be his wife. Now, he’s in the process (may have already) of marrying a woman of European descent. She should have known better.

    • Jess

      The dad is in the picture, he’s rich, the kids look healthy and happy, they’re cute, they got a legendary grandfather. Good gene pool plus her kids will be set for life – she could’ve done much worse. Rohan isn’t getting married to anyone by the way, and according to him he asked Lauryn to marry him and she said no.

      • ♏ ®

        I was just about to say that. He asked her several times.

      • reese

        He didn’t pay the rent and keep kids from being evicted. It is sad. There is no hope for our community if we don’t understand even basic things like importance of a father. I mean black women and black men need to get this.

        • Judy

          This isn’t true. Lauryn was not evicted for not paying rent. She was getting evicted for having a recording studio in her house and the city basically said she was running a business in her house!

          • reese

            And she didn’t go to jail for not paying taxes either

        • TheSharperWon

          Some folks skip all over TRUTH and main issues and miss the point! We need FATHERS to be present and engaged in our lives! Mothers and Fathers rear children. Not baby daddy’s and baby moma’s. We have been bamboozled and brainwashed!

    • ♏ ®

      Lauryn didn’t want to get married. Rohan asked over & over. Don’t assume that because a couple isn’t married, it’s a man ‘not deeming her worthy to be his wife.’

  • UnMisEducated

    I am sure Lauren Hill and the father of her children do not need any help paying college tuition.

    • wheelnut53

      she’s in jail for tax evasion

    • reese

      She is not only in jail for tax evasion, but was evicted. So how can she have money for college and not to pay rent.

      • marshefen

        She evaded her taxes. That doesn’t mean she didn’t have the money to pay them.

        • Tracey Ratchford

          Thank you for saying that…

  • Wildflower

    Yeah every woman should demand to go to the alter, spend that money and a year or two later rush to a divorce attorney and that would make you accepted by society. You don’t know what he called her and as long as they are happy and their children are happy which they all seem to be then that is what matters not that stupid piece of paper that haven’t seemed to stand for much of anything seeing as how most marriages end in divorce within the first 5 years. Screw what society (you & those with tiny brains) thinks because we all know just how shallow and WRONG society can be.

    • wheelnut53

      you want to save money don’t go having all those babies , I hope your mom and dad didn’t think it was a stupid piece of paper

      • Roiyar

        You forget Wheelnut that Lauren has no problem taking care of her kids and Rohan supports them all. She may be loopy to us, but she is a great mother to her children. Some women just are great mothers!! They know how to juggle motherhood. (I’m sure for this reason is why she likes to be private and for a while kept her children private) Obama’s single mother raised a president And so did Hitlers. Bob Marley had a ton of kids with a ton of women also That is sometimes how The Jamaican cultures are. The jumpoffs raised well rounded kids as well and successful ones I might add. We argue about how another persons finances are and how they raise their children knowing NOTHING about them. I can tell you from working with Lauren at one time that the kids are well rounded well adjusted and fine. She just spends a lil extravagant in other areas. But she can afford it sometimes, she will always have money coming in. it’s called Royalties You can live off of them they oftentimes keep coming in for a long long time when you make a hit. and she has a vast support system for her children they are fine and she will be too. I’ve seen the whole tax thing first hand go down with celebs and oftentimes it is also trusting your finances to an accountant that gets caught cooking the books.

        • petuniababi

          Why put Hitler’s mom in there? She is a poor example because her son almost annihilated a whole race.Obama’s mom reared someone who is trying to help ALL people.

      • stfu

        You are a HUGE %%%HOLE wheelnut a HUGE ONE JUS THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW :)

  • shbkyn45

    The 14 year old looks just like Lauryn, she soooo beautiful. The marley boy, just like his daddy, love other race women, that is why I do not like him, then he betrays Lauryn, leave her with all those children (traitor) and marry a foreign (white) woman.

  • wheelnut53

    damn has she ever been married or just somebodies side piece all these years , no wonder she was dodging the IRS

    • jada b.

      Ha ha , an Wow.

  • Roiyar

    My two cents. Marriage is not for everyone. So Stop blaming her for not being married. Many couples have children and are unmarried…and manage to make it work., then you have more and more divorces going on now upsetting the children. They seem to be a well adjusted family. Marriage works for some and not for others. I have so many of my friends gettin divorces or in unhappy marriages. (marriages that held on for a long time but unbeknownst to me were miserable) So being married does not always make things better. Stop blaming her for that nonsense. LIke I said before some women can juggle motherhood with more than 2-3 kids. she happens to be one of them and a great mother. she has made her kids a priority. They have chores and she keeps them as children, she has a sharp mind so they are not growing up dummies. They are well read and taught the value of self love respect and dignity, and I am sure they have to know about the world &cultures. As mom she is an avid reader and up to date on of world issues.

    • ♏ ®

      I totally appreciate this. Everyone wants to be critical because she didn’t get married but they’d be just as critical if she got divorced. She is still a good mom & that’s what counts.

    • dthompson1313

      Well said.

    • Dev2008

      My favorite cousin never married and she has 2 kids. She and her honey are happy with the way things are. Her mother controlled her dad, my uncle, and she said she would never marry because one partner always tries to dominate. Not sure if she is right, but she has the best relationship of anyone I know. I have a few other friends who decided to have kids on their own and they’re quite happy and so are the kids. One guy didn’t want fatherhood, which saddened my friend, but he has plenty of Uncles who are the strong male influences in his life. To each their own really. What’s terrible is divorce that turns ugly, and when a parent tried to turn their kids against the other parent. It just screws up the kids…and parental alienation is now against the law. Whatever works…families come in a lot of different varieties and it is up to the parent or parents to be loving and there for their children. Kids can adjust and/or accept whatever the Mom or Dad chooses….just make sure there is plenty of love as well as responsibility.

    • Glocklady

      Maybe we should stop blaming her and blame these no count men.

      • JustAThought

        What does that say about women who let the “no-count men” stand a chance? If it mattered that much and/or they held themselves in higher SELF-esteem, more women would stand by what they believe and not settle for less than what THEY want (marriage or commitment is their choice).

        • Glocklady

          Agreed. No one could have paid me to have a bunch of kids and not be married first. Women should select better for themselves and their children.

    • Arthur

      What does the bible say?

      • JustAThought

        I’m sorry. What does it say in the Bible? Did she profess to be a Christian/Jew/Isrealite? Not everyone governs themselves by the Bible. You can’t expect someone to meet or hold a standard they are not applying for self.

        • TheSharperWon

          That doesn’t make that STANDARD a STANDARD! Time for all to have GREATER expectations!

        • petuniababi

          It would be a much better world if we did govern ourselves by the Bible.We would also alleviate a lot of hurtful things in our lives.

      • babe

        The Bible says that sex represents the covenant of marriage. So once you have sex, in God’s eyes it is a marriage. Clearly in the Bible days, there were no legal documents for marriage. So really, in God’s eyes, they were actually married.

        • jj Depp

          what nonsense. if you do not even consider yourself married then YOU ARE NOT MARRIED.

    • TheSharperWon

      When are we as black folks going to get back to some morals. That being said, she is a good mother and I wish her all the best. Unfortunately, 75% of African American children are being born out of wedlock and our communities are in a hot ghetto mess!

  • ♏ ®

    You’re still beautiful Lauryn. Keep your head up.

  • UreFar2Kind

    Lauryn’s daughter Selah is beauuuuutiful…

  • distracted

    yo, can I read a story without a million ads popping up in my face? Enough!

  • Slap A Hoe

    The litter hoe at the lower center is obviously “High” just like her mom…LOL!. I guess it ruins in the family.

  • The Truth

    How many different baby daddies?

  • Mary Q

    It’s hard to believe that 38-year-old Lauryn Hill – the mother of six children would steal from poor women with children – letting them foot the bill for taxes she refused to pay .
    For a working mother struggling to get by while paying their hones share she is an embarrassment . For the record she also was sued and lost by four musicians for her failure to properly credit their songwriting
    She is no role model .

  • dthompson1313

    Beautiful children……just like their momma :)

  • Dev2008

    All gorgeous kids. Her oldest daughter could model. She looks just like her Mom.

  • blueink

    Ton of out of wedlock kids, just like Badu. Thanks for perpetuating stereotypes that affect us all.

  • Nettrice

    It takes TWO to tango. This means if you think Hill is ratchet then it’s likely you’re ratchet. Her children are cared for and growing. They KNOW their father who is still in their lives. How about you/yours? Can you say the same?

  • Glocklady

    Cute kids. Too bad she had them with men that don’t believe in marriage. Oh yeah, she had children with black men. They don’t understand marriage. Don’t respond, you know its true.

  • Mom007

    Wow….crappy comments. Marriage can be unhealthy as heck sometimes. Single mom here never married. Pay taxes work my butt off educated and kids are fantastic and though at times rough….we are a team. Happy and healthy. Statisctics nothing. A piece of paper does not always create a healthy situation. Marriage should occur when two people desire it and good team and ready. Me …i am not supporting a man nor paying for anothers mistakes so until i meet someone up to my standards i have enough with kids and GOD and church family and my career…guess that makes me a loser like people are claiming here. Such judgement…..

  • eyeswideopen

    Thats not even lauren hill in the picture what is the matter with peolpe.

  • LALA