Posh Baby: 13 Celebrity Nurseries We Love

Laila Ali

Her whimsical nursery for baby Sidney is full of inspiration.

Planning to set up a nursery for your baby? Here are a few ideas that could be helpful. Click here to investigate further on the simple ideas that can help you decorate your nursery.

It is important that everything that you may possibly won’t be within easy reach from the changing table. The things that you would need are the diapers, wipes, laundry hamper, a poop bucket, a pacifier, a burp cloth etc. You do not want to move around leaving the baby at risk of falling off from the changing table.

Keep any clutter at bay. You will have to carry your baby at night and anything that is misplaced could cause you to trip over and fall. It could be brutal. So make sure that you have lots of storage spaces so that your things can be easily tucked in and this will make sure that things are not scattered around causing you to trip and fall.

Make sure that you install wallpapers that are washable.

The lighting that you put in the nursery should be able to mimic nighttime, so don’t shy away from heavy curtains or window shades so that you can fake darkness at any time of the day. Babies do not want to miss out on anything and thus if it is daytime they know they have to be awake even if they feel cranky. So it is best to be able to mimic nighttime so that your baby is able to sleep comfortably.

Have a theme for the nursery. You could get creative and use your imagination to set up the beautiful theme for the baby that is going to arrive.

It is important that the nursery that you decorate for your kid should be such that it meets your requirements at least for a few years to come. So you may want to set up child-friendly cupboards and drawers for your child to keep his toys as he grows up. Make sure that they are at a low level that the child can easily access those drawers.

One of the many gorgeous pieces in the nursery is the “Hope” Crib, a collaboration between Little Crown Interiors and the California based furniture company Newport Cottages. For every sale of the The Hope Pink crib, a donation will be made  to Breast Cancer Research.