I refuse to play their game any longer. I refuse to believe that my dark skin, natural hair, 45-year old self is not important or beautiful just because I don’t see myself represented in mass media

Not everyone can be the most beautiful person on earth. There is not one person who can get everything, richness, beauty love etc,.It is important that one does not compare himself to others but appreciate what he has.

Every human being is unique and special and it is important to accept your flaws and start to appreciate your goodness. This is self-love. It is important to accept oneself, possess yourself, be aware and kind on yourself. Some people think that they are the most difficult people to love. We tend to judge ourselves very harshly because we know everything about ourselves. But is loving your own self so hard?

If you do not love yourself then no one is going to love you. Learn to love and here is how you can achieve it.

Here are a few tips on what you can do to love yourself:

  • Forgive yourself and do not be harsh on yourself
  • Do not criticize yourself
  • Praise yourself and appreciate for who you are
  • Be supportive of yourself
  • Tell your body that you are pretty
  • Do things that make you feel happy
  • Run after your dreams, do not let it die for someone
  • Smile and spread happiness
  • Celebrate yourself
  • Pamper yourself

Address your flaws with an open arm as much as my younger, straighter-haired, lighter-complectedsistren. And believe it or not, it was a 10-year old girl that set me straight. I’ll get to that in a minute.

I’ve been on my empowered Goddess path for over 10 years now. I created and facilitate a women’s empowerment and support group called “Tomiko Fraser’s Goddess Gathering”. I am known to my Goddess sisters as “Momma Goddess” because I proudly and sometimes loudly walk the empowered talk I talk and lovingly work to teach them how to do the same. I pride myself on meeting life head on, being self-defined and creating my reality. Prior to unleashing my inner Goddess, I was unsure of myself, doubted my inner and outer beauty (yes, I did) and didn’t speak out much because I didn’t think what I had to say mattered. But that was then and I AM A GODDESS NOW!