Bobbi Kristina Brown: Grown & Engaged


The 20-year-old daughter of the late great Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown has admitted via her social media that she is engaged. She refers to Nick Gordon as her fiancé and says she is "madly in love." Past reports stated that Nick Gordon was her live-in brother for years. Albeit the two have no relations, Cissy Houston doesn't approve of the relationship and once called it incestuous. Nonetheless the pair seem extremely happy together. It's good to see Bobbi Kristina find peace and happiness after her mother's sad departure. Do you think Bobbi is too young to be engaged? Take a look:

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    I think that she needs someone in her corner now and knows that she is going through a tough time is hard for anyone losing their mother. I know that she is a young woman who is trying to live life on her own terms and see the world in the eyes of her mother. the good version, but what people “wants” her to see. I hope she gets married to the man of her dreams if he truly makes her happy but she is just having fun then that is ok too. she is human. LET HER LIVE.

    • JamesT32

      Sure, I’ll let her live as like practically everyone else I’m in no position to stop her from making poor life decisions. With that said, Bobbi Kristina is a highly narcissistic person and basically dumb as a rock and her impending marriage has absolutely ZERO chance of being lasting or generally successful. Nick seems like a decent and down-to-earth individual, especially when compared to her nitwit ways, but a decade from now he’ll deeply regret having wasted the time and effort on becoming romantically involved with someone so self-absorbed and immature. Completely remove the “live-in brother” and psuedo-incestuous angle and he’s still making a huge mistake tying himself to her.

      • JamesT32

        I’ve got exactly two words for whomever had the audacity to come in here and mark my comment down as everything I stated there is perfectly true.

  • Joy

    Who the Hell is the writer referring to as ‘spawn’? How rude can people be? Ar your kids or the children in your family spawns? Have some respect!

  • Valerie Bush

    she looks happy with him, I don’t think it’s wrong, they just grew up together so they have a connection, she has to move on with her life and be happy it’s either him or someone else who just wants to benefit off of her inheritance from her mother. He’s the only one that’s been in her life as a adopted brother not blood related. If they are happy with each other then just let it be. I just hope that she makes some smart descision’s with her wealth.

  • Nita

    In the south, women her age are ALREADY married. Many of them ALREADY HAVE KIDS. So she’s engaged…. like other girls her age. I wonder if her race makes people think she’s supposed to just be single.

  • Shainna

    My mother always said to me, your 20’s are your time to explore you, have fun, do things, meet people, travel. It’s ok to have a boyfriend. But live YOUR life before committing to someone for life. I mean let’s be honest, the girl can’t even buy herself a drink yet. I think she’s moving way to fast. But hey she’ll live & learn. I wish them the best.

  • Q

    Bobbi needs some counseling and some time to heal before she makes any major decisions.

  • Ms. Katherine Turner

    Yes she is HUMAN. Her ways (like her MOMA) makes her ugly, besides Bobby Brown being her DADDY. She needs a lot of space for improvement. Who knew, she watched over her MOM and DAD in their drug addiction days, maybe they told us he was a GodChild and all the while, there for Her daughter (having Sex). The Child been taking on responsibility a long time(watching over her PARENTS). Best wishes!

  • truth

    I don’t believe that she is too young. She is just engaged to the wrong person. He is just trying to get paid.

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