On Blast: Rihanna’s Biggest Fashion FAILS

rihanna-in stripes small

Overall Rihanna's innovative style is not only on trend and frankly starts trends but is almost always on point -- except for when it isn't -- and today we plunge head first into those dark moments. Grab your water bottle and get ready to get your chuckle on.

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  • Nik

    chanel likes an outfit that ya’ll don’t like hmmmm I trust Chanel

  • xedos

    I think that pink beanie with the vial l looks good on her.

  • xedos

    the only fail here is noire

  • http://twitter.com/SeikoIsKING Seiko

    The only outfit that DIDN’T look good was that baseball dress… One thing about Rihanna is that her fashion sense is hit or miss but 9 times out of 9? Everything she wears is a HIT with an exception of a few off days

  • NYC Gal

    Please leave my girl Ri alone! You can clearly see that Ri was having fun with those outfits! She doesn’t take herself too seriously!

  • Star

    I can tell you all had a hard time putting together this list lol These weren’t even the worst you could pick though

  • ROZ

    I think she feels like her greatest accessory is her face so she can rock a a garbage trash outfit and believe she can work it… Too many yes people around I’m assuming O-o