Taraji P Henson: 7 Flicks Of Her Son, Marcel


In 1994, at the age of 24, actress Taraji P. Henson gave birth to her son, Marcel. His father passed away three years later. With her baby boy in tow, Henson tirelessly went on auditions. She pursued her passion as a single mother. Her breakout role came in 2001 as Yvette in Baby Boy alongside R&B crooner Tyrese. Take a look at Taraji's teenage son throughout the years:

Taraji P Henson: 7 Flicks Of Her Son, Marcel

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  • Wanna Play??

    He is Fine!!!

  • Dirtybubblez

    Her son is so dope! I love that second picture of them together, that is a cute mommy/son photo!

  • PleaseDOBetter

    I always wondered what he looked like. Kudos to her for shielding her son from the craziness that is Hollywood.

  • Steve Stone

    I’m sure he’s a nice young man and all, but I want to *meet* Taraji, not him.

    • Thenji Maynard

      Can’t meet the one without the other. Don’t you know? Steve, you’re already lost Ms. Henson’s attention just for shunning her son. Teeheehee. Repeat after me: “Wow, great mom and cute dude.” Then get her agent’s number. Tsk.

      • Steve Stone

        Good point. But I’m not shunning the son. I just want to meet her first. Met some single moms kids after we decided the time was right. Shoot, I’ll even take the young man to eat, shop, or play sports. But that is after me and moms do* grown folks stuff*, and make sure we want to go further in that direction.

        I ain’t trying to meet someones kid until after we figure out we’re cool

  • Alzena M. Thompson

    It said a look at her son throughout the years, I thought I was gonna see some pictures of them when he was little and pics as he got older. He’s like the same age in all those pics.

  • MCann

    This is inspiring. Well done Taraji.

  • kayla

    he is cute!

  • Jezai

    he is the cutiepie most definitely, Ms T.P.H.!! and looks to be highly intelligent also.

  • King Jess

    He’s such a gentlemen

  • kay3434

    I didn’t know that ghetto girl had a son. He’s cute!

  • truthurts

    What a handsome guy + very well presented! Kudos to his Mother!!!

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