TeamNatural: India Arie’s Trendiest Hair Looks

India Arie has been gracing our ears and eyes with her authentic lyrics and looks for many moons.

Making yourself look trendy and naturally beautiful is not magic.  Like most of us think, it does not involve a huge budget.  Use the below tips for staying trendy and natural beauty:

  1. Watch the market frequently. Staying in touch with the latest happenings will let you know what the latest fashion is.  You can avoid wearing what is not in fashion.  That will save from the impression that you are not trendy.
  2. Buy from street markets rather than brand stores. You can get better deals.  The advantage of getting offers and discounts is that you need not shell out more money.  At the same time, you can get the best brands available in the market.  That way you need not compromise on the quality of the beauty products you use.  When you use substandard quality products there is always a risk of spoiling your beauty.  Sometimes when you use local brands for saving money, you end up with skin infections and hair loss.  Also, cheap accessories can reduce the elegance. Subscribe to sites so that you do not miss out any offer.
  3. Use home products for natural beauty. Coconut oil, yogurt, turmeric etc help in uplifting your looks in a natural way.  Natural products have lesser side effects.
  4. Grow a few plants which you can use to maintain your body and hair. Plants like aloe vera, hibiscus etc. can be easily grown in pots.  You can use the fresh produce from them for growing thick hair or make your skin glow.  You can search for beauty tips on the internet to make scrubs and pastes using the parts of these plants.  Even if the result is not immediate, these do not cause any harm to the body.
  5. Click this site for knowing the latest trendy hairstyles. Many of these are easy.  You can try doing it yourself.  While selecting hairstyle to take into consideration your face shape and your hair texture.  The hairstyle should be able to boost the beauty of the natural texture of your hair.  If your hair is straight, select styles which can show the hair flowing. If your hair is curly, there are a lot of hairdos which can highlight the curls.  Back to India Arie.

This soul sista truly embraces her natural beauty from head to toe and today we salute her! Take a gander and get inspired.