Snatched!: Paula Patton Hairstyles, 13 Chic Photos


Paula Patton is full of radiance and adorable beauty, which is wonderfully complimented by her lush locs. Take a moment to gorge on these 13 hot Paula Patton hairstyles each one more fabulous than the last.

Snatched!: Paula Patton Hairstyles, 13 Chic Photos

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  • ChocolateHunnyB

    Love Paula.

  • marley

    Seriously bossip u want us to click thru 13 separate pages to see this. How bout Putting it all on one page. get your website up to speed. Smh

  • wtf

    She has that GOOD HAIR like mostly all mixed women has.

  • PolkaDots

    Just when I thought we had done away with this chick here comes an article about her. A HAIR article no less – I flipped through and there is absolutely NOTHING great about her grease ball and/flat hairstyles.

    Stop hyping up a chick that isn’t worth the time it takes to TYPE up an idea about her.

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