11 Mom Bloggers You Should Bookmark

When I decided to give birth to my “baby”, Diary of a First Time Mom, I checked out the other blogs on the block. At first, I viewed these mamas as my competition. Now, I see them as my friends, even though I’ve only met one or two of these women in real life. Their years of experiences, both good and bad, help me become a better mother, a better woman.

Do you that mom-bloggers are so valuable.  Read on to know the reasons:

  1. They add more value to brands. The reason being mom-bloggers are more authentic.  They give their honest opinion.  When a product is really awesome, they appreciate it whole-heartedly.  Hence products which find a positive note in their blogs, tend to become more popular.  That is why companies feel, prospective consumers, hop over this site to make buying decisions.
  2. They have more influencing power. Traditionally mothers are presumed as embodiments of knowledge, experience, and care.  Hence when they suggest something, the viewer is more certain to accept it.
  3. It is easy for them to promote brands in their blogs through contests.
  4. They have dynamic skills. A mother is basically a multi-tasker.  She is the winner of time-management skills and thrift.  Hence entrepreneurship comes to her naturally.  Blogging needs other skills like motivation, business-minded ideas, influencing capacity.
  5. With their innovative suggestions, they are rescuers of many such moms. Mom bloggers provide ideas which make life easier.  Whether it be easy recipes, life-hacks they provide the most practical ideas.  Since they know the difficulties of moms, they can relate and empathize more.  This is the basic feeling that makes their blogs a hit.
  6. They provide a platform for moms to share their difficulties, accomplishments, and challenges.

Basically, these mom bloggers write about:

  1. Pregnancy- Full details regarding pregnancy, difficulties they faced like infertility issues, diabetes during pregnancy, pregnancy foods, counseling for removal of fears
  2. Child Upbringing- The most challenging job a mom faces is bringing up the child in the correct way. Mom bloggers ardently provide tips regarding – baby care, disease prevention, foods to be provided during various ages, school-related tips.
  3. Recipes- Mom bloggers rock the show by providing various categories like the school lunch box, vegan etc.
  4. Work-life balance: Mom bloggers provide excellent ideas which bring relief in the daily life of working women.
  5. Women health issues: Most women have secret health issues.  They fear to open up.  Sometimes women face strange health issues which affect them mentally.  The changes related to the menstrual cycle make her tired and depressed.  Mom bloggers provide a forum to discuss this without inhibitions. Back to Gina Russell.

When I shopped for a new car seat or infant hair care products, they gave recommendations. When I felt overwhelmed about being a single, working mother, I found organizational ideas and sanity on their sites. When I looked for fun and educational activities to do with my little one, they shared lots of ways to make memories. What I love most about these 10 moms bloggers is their ability to share the spotlight and pull other African-American moms up the ladder of success. Do you have these sites in your reader?