Yay or Nay? The Sneaker-Sandal-Shoe

thong sneaker sandal small

Designers have been letting their imaginations run wild in the shoe department. Up next? The sneaker sandal, which is frankly a cousin of the sneaker pump, but I digress. From thong hi-top sneakers to loafer style canvas wedge, just about everything can be found in a variation of the sneaker sandal. Hmm...are you in?

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  • Toi

    The ugliest Effin invention ever…. Like a Skort! Either wear shorts or a skirt.. Or n this case, sneakers or a sandal… Dont mix the two…

    • Kitten Roulaine

      I hated the Skort, oh my gosh, and still do.

  • Anabelle Whitepaws

    So ugly… they’re kinda cute.

  • Come on..Really

    Get Real. Sneakers and Sandals are for 2 opposite things. Never mind not looking good at all.

    If I was going out to the beach, or dressing casual for summer sandals would be my choice.

    If I was going to work out, or to play sports, I would wear sneakers. These wanna be’s would never be a apart of my wardrobe. What do you wear with them sneaker socks, no socks or is there toeless socks that go with the sandsneaks?

  • South African

    Actually they are very popular this side. I think two of my friends have them. We love All Stars…LOL

  • BeautifulCapriquarius

    I would like to see them in a different color but I love them! they stand out.

  • the troofes

    Hell Nay!!

  • Vain

    I would wear the scandal converses.. trust me .. everyone will follow. I have pretty feet

  • Kitten Roulaine

    I like it, creative and cute. But I don’t think it will last too long, because the high top aspect of it will limit you to jeans, skirts, and shorts.