So Sad: Mother Begs Thief to Return Purse with Deceased Baby’s Ashes


When Monica Thomas, 19, was robbed last Friday, she wasn't worried about her money and credit cards. She had the ashes of her deceased baby in her purse and she's begging the thief to bring them back. "Everything else is irrelevant," she told an Alabama NBC affiliate.

Thomas' son, named Jamar Simmons, Jr., was born this spring but died just hours later. The heartbroken new mother had been carrying her baby's ashes to bury him next to her mother. She asked, "Put them on the porch or even just call and tell me where it is, and I'll be grateful. I just want my baby back." I can't imagine going through the double tragedy of losing a baby and then not even being able to lay him to rest. Hopefully the thief hears her plea, has a heart, and bring the infant's remains back to his mother.

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  • Ayisha

    Evilness is real. All you can do is pray

  • Libra


  • Im Petty.

    So sad. Hope they bring the baby’s ashes back. This is terrible.

  • Britt

    Huh? The real question is why she threw some the child’s ashes in the purse like a bag of candy. Why didn’t she have the ashes in a little box or something? Smh

    • Guest

      I’m sure they weren’t scattered in purse. When there is a cremation, the remains are placed in an urn. She probably had the urn in her purse.

    • holmesa925

      The video said the ashes were inside an urn.

    • Teki

      Didn’t the article mention she was preparing to bury the remains w/her mother’s remains?!

  • Anabelle Whitepaws

    OMG… 6od, please let him return her baby’s ashes… Unimaginable.

  • LaylaAjmine

    People are heartless