Affection: 9 Ways To Show Your Child You Love Him

Childhood is a crucial time for one’s life. This is the time a person’s character gets formed. The parents have a very important role in shaping their child’s character. In order to nurture a caring and loving child, you need to show them how much you love or care for them. Just claiming that you love your child is not enough; you need to show the love to him/her explicitly. Also, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion like holidays or birthdays to show your love for them.  An everyday gesture like saying ‘I love you’ or writing down a thoughtful note is just going to be enough.

Below mentioned are few ways through which you can express your love to your child.

Write a special letter to your child- You should write down a few reasons why your child is so special to you or why you love him/her so much. Mail the letter to the child. He will feel overwhelmed by these gestures.

Read an extra story to your child- Even when you are really tired and the child asks you to read one more story, you should read it. They love this extra attention you give them.

Surprise them- You could skip the daily routine and take your child out either to beach, park or ice- skating.  The unexpected outing will make them very happy and they feel loved.

Frame a picture- Choose your favorite picture of the child, frame it and write down the reason behind why you like it.  Gift it to your child. I loved this activity of framing the picture of my child.

Tell your child, your favorite memory with them- It could be any moment, child’s first birthday, the day of his/her birth, etc.

Sing, dance and laugh- Play your favorite music, and show the child your moves, they are going to love the time spent dancing, singing and laughing.

Multiply your affection- At times you could just shower them with hundred kisses or give a dozen hugs, the child will love your silliness and will enjoy that additional love and affection.

Lunch box love- Write down the lyrics of a song or a silly poem to show that you are missing them when they have gone to school. Hide it in the lunchbox; they will love this special surprise.

No rule day- Let the child enjoy a day without any rules, play in mud or rain, play with all the toys and so on.