Teen Behavior: 7 Dangerous Trends Parents Should Know About


School is back in session. Are you concerned about any new teen trends that your kids may or will be involved in?

According to Greatschools.org:

High school alcohol and drug use is on the decline, but older kids are finding dangerous ways to push boundaries.

Here are 7 of the most frightening new teen trends.

Teen Behavior: 7 Dangerous Trends Parents Should Know About

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  • chanela

    good job teaching people how to make purple drank -_- i always see the news people talking about new teen trends and how scary and dangerous they are.. yet they teach people exactly how to make and do them.

    • Guest360

      Better to know whats in it then to make a fuss about nothing when you catch your kid mixing purple kool-aid mix with sugar. Knowledge is power. Let’s not be obtuse here and act like it isn’t important to know what exactly this stuff is so if it does happen to your kid, you can better handle it.

    • fraca

      Purple Drank is promethiazine with codiene syrup. Robotussin isn’t even close.

      • Nerdsamwich

        And good luck getting codeine in the States. As a commenter above mentioned, it’s easier to get heroin.

  • Connor

    Weed was not there SWAG!

    • Tiff

      No, but it really should be. My generation and its weed habits disgust me. I’m 17, have never used it, and have absolutely no desire despite pressure from everyone around me to use it. I don’t feel any real need to fuck with my brain to let go of stress, and my opinion of anyone that feels a real need to do so is fairly low. My problems aren’t going anywhere just because I smoke some weed, so why bother? I’m going to be just as stressed out by the same time tomorrow.

      • Dondra

        Actually it calms you down and its not a drug its a herb. It’s also known as a medicinal positive factor with people for cancer, glaucoma, arthritis, and other painful medical conditions. You are low for judging people and thinking people with critical illnesses are low. Also, you don’t know you will still be stressed out the next day hence you never tried it. How about getting educated instead of looking really stupid in not knowing what you are talking about.

        • Roro

          Anything that alters your mind in some way is going to have consequences later on, and as far as I’m aware there has been plenty of research stating the bad things that marijuana does to the body. Yet people like you who defend it or support its legalisation,fail to realise this -.-

          • Robyn

            Hate to burst your bubble but Marijuana has no real long term effects, as much as some people would like to believe it does. The worst that can happen is addiction (which can be prevented if you have the will), but isn’t that the same with caffeine, nicotine and alcohol? (which damage your body more than marijuana ever could), The active ingredient ,THC, which is the stuff that gets you high has been proven to kill cancer cells and works as a natural pain killer for people who suffer severe muscle pain and migraines. Henry Ford made a car entirely out of Hemp which was stronger, safer and cheaper to produce than any steel car. the original plans were for the car to be fuelled by hemp. Sounds a lot better than gasoline doesn’t it right about now. He took a sledgehammer to the car and the hammer snapped without leaving a single dent on the body or wind shield. The only reason cannabis was made illegal was to protect industries interest in steel, which made more money than the cheaper alternative hemp, which can be turned into practically anything- paper, plastic, clothing, medicine and even health food. The original campaign against marijuana quoted “Marijuana: makes white women run away with black men.” Surely we can all agree that this is completely false and idiotic? If people were lied to once upon a time, who’s to say everything we hear about how ‘bad’ it is is true? I’m in no way encouraging the use of drugs, just simply stating that not everything that you read or have been told is true. Media is there to not only inform the masses, but control them and it would be naive to believe everything you hear. If you still choose to be close minded about it’s positives, then do some research. Everything I’ve stated is fact. :)

          • http://www.facebook.com/moparmanmike Mike Smith

            Technically cannabis is a drug. As another person said anything that changes any chemical compounds in your body is a drug. This includes the caffeine and sugar in your soda, the asprin you take, the toothpaste you use, almost everything that you take or use that isnt plain water or food, and yes that includes vitamins. If you dont believe it just look on the package of anything that you take, where it says drug facts… What most of society fails to realize is that only substances that have been deemed illegal can be drugs, which is pure insanity. Also the LD50 for cannabis is so high that it would be impossible to ingest that amount that quick for any person or other living being. To put it into prospective caffeine, water, peanuts, sugar and potatoes just to name a very few has a lower LD50 then cannabis. Which of course means that they are all more dangerous and deadly then the plant. Im sure there will for some reason still people in this country who will disagree and always be against any legalization and never admit the health benefits and the safety of the drug, despite all the actual research and testing that proves otherwise. But after over 70 years and generations of brainwashing from the government that is to be expected to some degree. But the simple fact is that more people die from peanuts and caffeine every year then cannabis. Since there has never in all recorded history been a single reported death or adverse health effects from it. The only thing that has ever been reported is the chance of harm by smoking, which smoking any combustible material isnt the healthiest. Even then more modern studies have shown that the benefits of smoking out ways any negative effects and that those effects have been exaggerated in the past. And even then theres more effective and safer forms of using it which makes that irrelevant. Such as vaporizing or eating it.

          • http://www.facebook.com/moparmanmike Mike Smith

            And Robyn, that wasnt a reply to you specifically to you, just to this thread in general.

          • http://www.facebook.com/barley.singer Barley Singer

            Every few years the US government cycles through the same tired set of
            outright lies as to the dangers of cannabis. Then after 5 to 10 years of
            a given lie growing larger and out of hand..eventually some REAL (not
            paid for their opinions) scientists do real research (humorously enough
            often to prove how *bad* it really is) and they find the opposite is

            In Israel (very anti-drug at the time) they tried to prove cannabis was extremely dangerous and addictive. They wound up
            proving that it does not affect the brain reward system at all, like
            opiates do, so it is BY DEFINITION not a drug of dependence (but they found out that
            pasta is).

            The odd thing here is that :

            * EVERY illegal drug is classified as illegal by being put onto a government list. That list is for things with NO known medical use..BUT every single item on those lists are medication. All of them.

            * One of the largest providers of illegal drugs into the USA as well as suppliers of start up money, drug labs and help getting protection from the police, is the C.I.A. They were in bed, building labs and shipping drugs with the South Vietnam government who ran the entire Southeast Asia golden triangle for heroin. Some of those labs were in the USA. They went on to ship Heroin into the USA by using oil tankers and off shore oil platforms (that was while Bush was head of the CIA incidentally). Then they went on in teh 1980s, creating war zones in the USA by importing millions of tons of cocaine into the US in order to have cash to buy guns, to supply the Sandinistas.

            Then we have the myths. And every time they all get knocked down, a few years later they recycles them as if nobody noticed they were old and dead.

            The War on Drugs people and the popular press cried
            “brain damage” and “long term memory loss”. Problem is that research have showed that
            cannabis PROTECTS the brain from damage, is good for those with stroke and other brain injury, so much so that soldiers in
            Israel are GIVEN cannabis for head wounds now. It is also under serious
            investigation for slowing down dementia (including altzheimers) and
            stopping memory loss issues.

            Then we have the cancer risk mythology. After all it MUSt be the same as tobacco smoke right? Wrong,. Yes there is a lot of TAR in it, but cannabis smokers do not smoke 3 packs or more a day, The actual WHILE plant, has
            synergistic effects between all the things in it (proven) such that it
            clean out the lungs and it PREVENTS CANCER.

            so then the W.O.D. crowd, feds (FBI, DEA) , cops and press began to rant “It causes
            schizophrenia!!”, claiming they had proof, real science and studies.
            However it turns out the ‘studies’ do not exist. The ‘study’ which
            turned out to be an informal opinion letter written by two psych nurses
            who worked in a ward of ALL schizophrenia patients (no science involved,
            no study at all) who believed without proof that their patients
            schizophrenia had been caused by cannabis (the shrinks and neurologists
            of the world that were outside of the USA just laughed at them).. There
            was also a second thing called a study which was not one. This time
            there were brain scans done on people with PTSD. They tried to blame the
            shrunken amygdula on cannabis use in those with PTSD. EXCEPT about 15
            years earlier it had been shown that PTSD results in the shrinking of
            the amygdula by itself. It had nothing to do with pot.

            Then we
            have the “gateway drug” idea,. which was also disproven several dozen
            times, but keeps reappearing for some reason. The only thing PROVEN to
            cause people to escalate their drug use are fundamental problems with
            brain chemistry (you are born with them) and having accepted anti-drug
            propaganda as fact and then finding out that pot was not dangerous after
            all.. The government sown research showed that once kids realized (due
            to the extreme amount of lying going on regarding pot and a few other
            low level drugs) they know that DARE lied to them, so they start to
            believe EVERYTHING is safe and go off and get killed.

            And round
            and round the same lies go…”it makes men grow breast or be
            sterile”…”makes men into sex fiends” … “makes people violent (the
            opposite is true)”. People with an agenda that requires a constructed
            enemy just keep rehashing the same set of crap, occasionally with a new
            twist to the latest version of the propaganda.

            There was even a
            point in between rounds where they had adverts on TV saying
            “Marijuana…you never know what might happen”..because they had no
            evidence anything bad would happen and were desperate for anything to
            put on TV. And we also have the supposed “brain on drugs” brain waves,
            where the machine was NOT HOOKED UP to anything. Then again we must
            keep in mind that the Partnership for a Drug Free America started out
            getting funding from massive grants from Robert Woods Johnson II, the
            who built Johnson & Johnson
            into a massive drug company, which pushes people to take THEIR drugs
            for every tiny thing (real or imagined…drugs that cause a lot of
            harm), and to NOT take anybody else drugs. IIn 1989, Johnson & Johnson chief executive James E. Burke took over leadership of the organization.

            isn’t hard to figure it out. PROZAC and DIAZAOAM are a yes, and
            cannabis is a NO…despite the fact that cannabis does not make you
            homicidal like PROZAC does & is a great anti-depressant…and ALL
            of the benzodiazapenes are ungodly addictive, it clogs up the synapses
            blocking its own continued effectiveness after about 2 or 3 week of
            serious use, meaning that you Must raise your Valium dose again and
            again if you use it for a serious anti-anxiety drug or
            anti-spasmodic.Use it every day…and eventually when you need to quit
            you CAN’T quit easily as you could have convulsions (common after large
            doses for several years) so you must go on taking it for 20 years before
            you can quit.

          • You Fail

            Yes, the CIA funds Heroin… what did you lace your weed with?

          • Stickie

            There actually is a bit of truth behind the claims that smoking grass gives you schizophrenia.
            I doubt the argument over this will ever be resolved because BOTH sides tend to distort the facts. Whether it’s government, War On Drugs propaganda, or burner propaganda, both sides have an agenda and both sides tend to shy away from telling the whole truth.
            Marijuana use does *not* cause schizophrenia. Excessive use however, can bring on a drug psychosis with symptoms that are frighteningly similar to schizophrenia. These symptoms obviously vanish completely once the intake of marijuana is stopped, but can, just as obviously, put the person abusing it in the same kind of potential dangers that a sufferer of ‘real’ schizophrenia faces.
            Just to be sure that I’m not misunderstood again, I do not think that marijuana should be illegal. I do not think that marijuana is dangerous when it’s being used responsibly. I do think that a lot of the potential dangers that do exist are only made worse by the fact that marijuana is illegal. I agree that most of what we were told in school by DARE and all the idiots like them was complete bullshht and that we should all be angry about being lied to so much. I also believe that all of the money that’s been and is still being wasted on the War On Drugs could be put to much better use telling people about the very real dangers of alcohol use.


        • Stickie

          Of course marijuana is a drug! Don’t be ridiculous. The fact that it can be very useful in treating the problems you mentioned or that we’ve been told a lot of lies about how dangerous it’s supposed to be doesn’t take away from its very real potential to cause serious harm when abused. It’s okay ‘cos it’s “natural?” Only a “plant?” Only a “herb?”
          Erythroxylum coca, opium poppies, hemlock, deadly nightshade and ricinus communis are all plants too and from them we get cocaine, opium, morphine, heroin and some of the deadliest poisons that mankind knows about…

          • Smileyface

            You probably take opiates that were created in a lab aka prescription pills. So how are you to say that marijuana is a bad drug when it grows out of the ground naturally? You probably drink alcohol cause it’s legal and it kills more brain cells than marijuana ever has. #Know your facts before you rant, you’re ignorant.

          • Sickie

            Did I say marijuana is a “bad” drug? I don’t think I did… I’m pretty sure that I actually said it could be very useful in medicating and treating a whole lot of very nasty ailments…
            I was also quite careful to qualify my statement that it can cause serious harm by saying that that only happens when it is ABused.
            The fact that it’s a “plant” that “grows out of the ground naturally” is meaningless. To take just one of the examples I mentioned, Deadly Nightshade, aka Belladonna, is also a plant that grows naturally out of the ground, yet it will kill you stone dead if you try to ingest it in any way.
            For the record, I have no problem at all with people using grass to get high, so long as they’re careful not to overdo it. My problem is with people claiming that it’s harmless. It’s *not* harmless. Even if we completely set aside the psychotropic properties of grass, setting it on fire and then inhaling the smoke is Horrible for your lungs. Considering the fact that a marijuana smoker is likely to hold the smoke inside their lungs for as long as they can before breathing out, there’s a bigger risk of lung cancer or other kinds of lung damage than with cigarette smoke.
            Also for the record, I do not drink – at all. I think alcohol is a foul and toxic drug and I actually believe that the world would be a much better place if marijuana was legalised and booze was completely banned.
            You’ll be pleased to find out that you were more or less correct about me and prescription opiates. I used to be horrifyingly addicted to codeine which can be bought over the counter where I live. Codeine is the second most prominent alkaloid in opium (morphine being the first), which is simply the dried out sap of the opium poppy (kind of like how cannabis is the dried out sap of the marijuana plant). I actually came pretty close to dying because of it – not because of the codeine itself, which, apart from being habit-forming, is pretty much harmless, but because the ibuprofen that was mixed into the pills I was taking burned a hole through my stomach… I did a spell in a rehab where I got to see with my own two eyes the kind of damage excessive marijuana use can do to a person, and have, for the last year or so, been on a steady reduction course of buprenorphine to replace the codeine. Buprenorphine *is* made in a lab, from thebaine (which comes from opium, like codeine and morphine), making it a semi-synthetic opiOID rather than an opiATE, and quite frankly, saved my life.
            Summing up, the naturally-occuring-in-a-plant-which-grows-in-the-ground chemical nearly killed me whereas the unnatural-pills-made-in-a-lab-unnaturally saved me…
            Many of the best memories I have came about because of the drugs I used to take and because of that I would Never tell anyone not to experiment with whatever kind of recreational pharmaceuticals they could get a hold of – I would only ask that they take the time to learn everything there is to know about their substance of choice and the potential dangers beforehand.
            I know my facts, I wasn’t ranting, and I am in no way at all, ignorant about drugs. My only reason for posting earlier was to complain about the claim that marijuana is not actually a drug and the implied claim that it’s harmless because it’s a “plant,” ‘cos honestly, that kind of burner propaganda is just silly.
            I do NOT object to marijuana, whether it’s taken medicinally or recreationally – I only object to the claims that it’s not dangerous.



      • Jitney

        That’s exactly the kind of self-righteous sermonizing that plagues the half of the population that doesn’t smoke. I’m not a marijuana smoker myself and I don’t condone the youth smoking it, that said, I fully support it’s decriminalization in the U.S. and elsewhere. My problem is not with the weed smokers, but with the obnoxious “weed is evil” camp. It’s the same sort of nonsense talk that was bandied about during the temperance movement of the last century. It’s the alcohol and tobacco lobbies as well as police and prison guard unions that put pressure on the government to keep weed illegal.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sean.glass.14 Sean Glass


    1. I-Dosing is not intoxicating, PERIOD.

    2. Codeine cough syrup isn’t OTC in the US. It’s easier to get heroin.
    DXM containing cough syrup is a different drug entirely, and is so foul tasting, that no one would dilute it in the same manner as they would for drank (wanting to get tussin past the tongue as quickly as possible). Those claiming that it’s irresponsible to give the “recipe” for drank is clearly not considering telling someone the common knowledge that they can mix soda into another liquid isn’t giving them access to an uncommon script only formulation.

    3. Planking….stupid, real. A great way to filter the gene pool.

    4.Vodka Eyeballing. Alcohol is absorbed systemically, and as if flows through the blood vessels in your lungs, it is atomized and exhaled through your breath regardless of how it is taken in the first place. This is more of a dare, than anything. I’d be surprised if anyone did it twice.

    5. Auto-erotic asphyxiation has been around since the dawn of humanity. This isn’t new. It’s not a high, its depriving your brain of oxygen, the same effect as huffing. No one should ever do either, they causes brain damage.

    6. Bath Salts. A valid concern (though the news reports are greatly exaggerated/false). This is being treated like the PCP scare 2.0, along with all the same myths. The same racially charged strength/aggression/invulnerability myths previously associated with crack, powder cocaine, and even cannabis (in the 30’s and 40’s). Regardless, no one should ever use a strong stimulant, especially an untested one. Stims destroy your body.

    7. Supplements. This is a valid health risk, and an under-reported one at that. Good job.

    • Not an idiot

      Certain suppliments should not be taken by minors. The ones she listed are found naturally.

  • Jed

    You people…sensational journalism is a joke. How about statistics instead of making it look like an epidemic of idiocy from teens? This happens so much, and people believe the crap they read. When I was a kid it was the Halloween candy. Guess what? The only kid ever to be poisoned by Halloween candy was poisoned by his own father for insurance money. I am a parent, and this…this is all stuff that I’m not worried about.

  • Quinn

    I swear there’s something that happens to people’s brains when they pass the age of 30 that shuts off their BS detectors and makes them forget what it was like to be a teenager. If you really think about it, you can think of one or two kids you knew in high school who did something ridiculously stupid like getting high on cough syrup, but you knew it was not a national phenomenon because not all teenagers are stupid. This reminds me of the ‘sex bracelet’ and ‘rainbow party’ scares from when I was in high school and middle school. When my mom asked me about them, I said “what are you talking about?” because neither of those things were trends, and were most likely completely fictional events. At best, you look like an idiot in front of your kids. At worst, you’re giving them ideas (assuming your kid is one of the few stupid ones.)

    Articles like this do nothing but scare gullible adults and make them look stupid in front of their teenagers. If you want something to worry about, worry about eating disorders, depression, self injury disorders, suicide rates, STDs, and sexual assault statistics. You know, things that are real problems that are effecting more than one or two gloriously stupid kids who are dumb enough to take a whole box of cough medicine.

    Also, i-dosing is not new; I first heard about it at least seven years ago, when I was a teenager. It has been thoroughly debunked as a myth. If you really could control your brain with sounds the way i-dosing claims to work, we would have wiped out a whole variety of crippling mental disorders, and pain medication would be unnecessary, because we could just alter the chemical composition of our brains with sound instead of medication. Also, considering the way the DEA handles new drug trends, if it worked it would already be illegal. Plain and simple.

    • God

      I-dosing is not fake. It uses brain waves (frequencies) to alter your brains current output channel causing different effects on the listener. Another for of this is the NLP, which stands for neuro-linguistic programming which is relatively the same thing only it goes through the nerves as apposed to the brain frequencies. NLP’s are far more dangerous than manipulating brain frequencies and have been known to cause psychotic episodes. However, I-dosers, if used correctly, are completely harmless.

      • Reed

        Oh lord almighty, surely you, in your omniscience, realize that if NLP’s were real, the people who came up with them would be running the globe instead of running crappy seminars.

      • TJMagic

        Binaural beats are don’t work or are dangerous? May I disagree. I am over fifty and have been studying and using them for years. To allege that they are dangerous is an indication limited understanding of the science behind their effect. When used properly the result is similar to that you get from meditation…how harmful is that? I do not have time for long meditation sessions and use them to get similar effect for a shorter time period; relax, focus etc. I think that is positive and useful. I’d rather the article explored and informed us on the technology and its effect, rather than just join in spreading the negative hype. It does our community a disservices because it keeps fills people with fear and prevents them from accessing a useful tool for personal development. We have been conditioned to be consumers of popular products that may not be good for us and we eagerly embrace them; this is one of the products/technologies that can actually help you empower yourself (that is why they are denigrated and you are discouraged from using them so they can continue to control and exploit you). DO some research about this technology and you will be surprised at how simple and effective it is to use. One word of caution is that you check the source of product. As usual some people are willing to pollute a good product negative elements (negative subliminals etc) to get you. There are ways to deal with that problem, but that is for another discussion. Suffice to say that rather than reject the technology, research on how you can use it to empower yourself; you owe that to yourself and the community. Good and safe I-dosing to you all.

        • Jake

          Two words. Placebo Effect. That is what you are really experiencing. Having said that, if it works for you and isn’t hurting you, who cares?

      • Notanidiot

        NLP has absolutely nothing to so with sound waves.

    • Sorcha

      Right? I just read an article almost exactly like this, and my teenage son and I laughed till it hurt. The sad thing is how many of my fellow parents buy this crap.

    • Ashly

      Unfortunately where I went to a school a large group of teenagers did in fact prescribe to the sex bracelet thing.

      It was completely stupid and out there and I couldn’t get past the fact that they were letting a bracelet decide something like that. It may have been a myth where you are but where I went to school and where i know a few friends went to school this was normal.

    • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.lellig.1 Thomas Lellig


    • cuyahoga

      Finally, other folks with “common sense”! Now if we can somehow get others to wakeup and smell themselves. Well played, sir.

    • Annikan

      amen, good god from the first entry about getting ‘high’ from sound, i just imagined a 90 year old person writing this.

    • whyman?

      Thank you sir, for all the logic and reason. I bid thee fairwell.

  • http://twitter.com/x_2day 2 day

    “drug and alcohol abuse is on the decline, but kids are doing other things to get high, such as drinking codeine cough syrup” … do you writers not know what “drugs” are? ridiculous.

  • T.J.

    Pretty much everything Sean Glass said, except in the U.S., “purple drank” doesn’t really exist [much] because we don’t have OTC codeine (other countries, like Canada, sell products with codeine so long as it contains at least two other active ingredients). In the U.S. it’s called “robotripping,” and it’s not Robitussin DM, it’s Robitussin for Cough Only, whose only active ingredient is dextromethorphan (or DXM, the cough suppressant) without the guaifenesin (the expectorant, which effectively makes your coughs for “productive” in regular Robitussin). The latter has a number of side effects that are a) crappy, and b) totally not worth it (mainly feeling nauseated and vomiting) , while the former (particularly in large doses) can give you something of a dissociative high (like Ketamine). Also notable, DXM when combined with other Serotonin-containing drugs (or just in large doses by itself) can cause Serotonin syndrome – something that most young people wanting to get high won’t look up (and if you get Serotonin Syndrome, that can result in seizures and/or death, so it is a legitimate concern). Also, the worst Robitussin Cough Only tastes is as bad as any other cough syrup – and ditto with regular Robitussin – so… there’s not really a necessity to mix it with anything, since it doesn’t taste that bad. Which may mean that this so-called “article” is talking about diphenhydramine (“DPH,” “DHM,” or “diph,” a.k.a. the active ingredient in Benadryl and many OTC sleep aids), which – when crushed and put into a drink or whatever – tastes terrible no matter what you do to it. Most users don’t consume DPH and DXM at once – and if you Google it, many people have had really bad reactions to trying it – but it’s hardly unheard of.

    This “article” is terrible.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kat.foxx Kat Foxx

    Jeez, instead of this sensationalist garbage, how about promoting a more realistic attitude towards parenting? Y’know, stuff like spending time with your son or daughter, getting to know their likes, dislikes, hopes, fears, dreams and worries, actually listening to what they have to say and encouraging them to open up to you about whatever’s on their mind.

    • Sulu

      Teens are boring and should be avoided at all costs.

  • jose

    what’s next? playing Russian roulette with a semi-automatic pistol?

  • Squirrel

    The choking game one is hilariously innacurate: the subject enters a lucid dreaming state, and there is no high: the enjoyment is gained from the experience of the dream. The passing out only lasts for about 3-5 seconds normally, at most 10 seconds, not nearly long enough for brain cells to die. I haven’t actually tried it, just witnessed and iterviewed kids who did.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jon-Hanna/1377950078 Jon Hanna

    Not really a trend though, I’m in my mid-thirties now and we certainly did so when I was a teen.
    only thing that’s changed is the effect the internet has had upon
    hand-wringing quasi-moralising bad parenting. There have always been
    hand-wringing quasi-moralising bad parents and better connected dealers
    (called “journalists” in their street-slang), but the internet gives
    them more ability to urge each other on into more and more dangerous
    quasi-moralising bad parenting than before.

    • Alex

      As a teenager… I’m laughing my ass off at how bs filled this thing is.

      • You’re pretty sheltered

        Uh, I am a teenager and have have done or known ppl that have done most of these things.

        • AntiBruce

          Yeah, the stupid ones. Go get high on pot and over eat instead of over dosing. Jesus.

  • Grace

    Okay, I hate to say this, but this is pathetic. I’m not even criticizing the writing, just the ideas. Vodka -eyeballing-? You do realize that alcohol that strong applied to the eyeballs causes blindness, right? And…SUPPLEMENT OVERDOSE? Oh…oh no? I nefariously took 500 extra miligrams of vitamin C- somebody call the PoPo?

    If you wanna know what your kids are doing, earn their trust by talking TO them. Not at them, not behind them, not through them…just sit down and honestly ASK what they’re doing. No matter what you think, most teenagers I know don’t enjoy lying to the people they dearly love- they’re just horrified to talk to you because they know that you’ll go absolutely nuts the minute you hear that they smoked a cigarette or took an extra teaspoon of Robitussin. You won’t help them, you won’t sympathize, you won’t talk to them about it-

    – you’ll lose your everloving mind, make them feel horrible about themselves and everything they do, wrong or right, and you’ll bully them into a corner, which will make them less and less likely to talk to you honestly. Lying is a defense mechanism born of distrust and fear. Maybe you should try not to make your children scared of you. Maybe you should get off your high horse, sit down next to them on their level, and make them feel like they have some control, some power, and some means of trust over their own lives.

    I can assure you that it does far more than yelling, fretting, and paranoia ever could.

  • not as stupid as this writer

    planking??? how are you writing this article from 2010????

  • Andrew

    Lmao.. This is such bull. I personally challenge you to find a single teenager that is doing ANY of this. Good job spreading the paranoia.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chthnc Ben Briggs

    not sure if trolling

    or just a really terrible writer

  • Avelaide

    Planking is such old news.

  • Zanny

    A lot of these “new” trends are over a year old.

  • alice

    Never heard of I-dosing. Sounds like fun, how do I do it?

  • http://www.facebook.com/ShojoBakunyu1981 Shojo Bakunyu

    Since when is getting high off of cough syrup a “New Trend”? Next you’ll tell me that there’s a new drug called “Marijuana” that teens are smoking…

    • someone

      Since when? Will this “marijuana”, sometimes called “reefer”, cause madness?

  • http://www.facebook.com/ShojoBakunyu1981 Shojo Bakunyu

    OK… How bloody stupid are kids that they don’t understand that the “Smell” of alcohol on their breath has little to do with how you put the alcohol in their bodies? This is why stupid b*tches have been soaking tampons in booze and cramming them into both the vagina and anus. If this were a way to get around breath-tests, there would never be another DWI ever again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ShojoBakunyu1981 Shojo Bakunyu

    “Bath Salts” are what you get when you make soft drugs and moderate alcohol usage illegal.

    • Zelch

      They’ve always been illegal,what took you so long?

  • Jsor

    Ye gods, Vodka Eyeballing? Vodka already TASTES and FEELS like fire, why would you put anything that feels remotely like fire into your EYE? I know it’s probably only like, one or two people that actually do it, but I’m puzzled as to how anyone even had the idea in the first place.

    • http://www.facebook.com/michael.kinzig Michael Kinzig

      becauuuuse, you are stupid yute.

  • Me

    Fuck this article and this website. I’ve barely gotten to the second page and I’ve had to close out three different ads just to be aloud to navigate it.

  • Bez

    I have left my teen years behind just recently and I can tell you one thing: when we want to get high or drunk we just go, score some alcohol or weed and use it. The end. Worse thing that has ever happened in my group of friend (if you are not an idiot who attempts driving or dangerous activities while drunk) is puking or making out with someone you didn’t like. Big deal, uh?

  • http://twitter.com/Eviey Evelina Burke

    With the exception of pouring alcohol into their eyes and planking (Was there really a teen planking epidemic or was it moronic 20 and thirty somethings?) everything else was around back when I was in high school. And I graduated back in 2001. So… something that has been around for well over a decade (if not longer) isn’t really “new”.

  • Ockin

    1 ) I-dosing.

    First off I have to say that although I have heard rumors of music played in different ears to make you feel disorientated I don’t know anyone who has ever bothered trying it. It’s far from being a trend. I have also heard the taping pingpong balls to your eyes can make you hallusinate, doesn’t mean people are doing it.

    Even if it is a trend, and actually works (which I doubt) how exactly is it bad for you? If according to you people are listening to this music rather than taking drugs, is that not a good thing?

    2 ) Purple Drank

    Fair enough, cough syrum has always been abused. I wouldn’t call it a new trend, or even that popular.

    3 ) Planking

    Oh grow up. You’re telling us that lying down is dangerous? If it was something like skateboarding you had a problem with I might understand(ish). Also, this isn’t exactly a “recent trend”, I don’t think people even do it anymore.

    4 ) Vodka eyeballs

    This is one of those things you might do one AND NEVER DO AGAIN. It’s not exactly a trend amoung anyone with half a braincell. The only reason someone might do this is if they were dared to; but then you might as well have put stupid dares on the list instead.

    5 ) The choking game

    You might as well be warning parents about auto-erotic asphyxiation and make them stop their kids from wearing belts.

    6 ) Bath salts

    It is fair to say that bath salts are a new trend, and rather dangerous. Congratulations, you can have a gold star for getting ONE right…

    … well actually if I’m going to be picky I should point out that bath salts won’t send you on a 3-4 day drug binge after one use. Although they are extremely addictive you might as well say that a half pint of beer will send you on a night of binge drinking.

    Also the part about suicide is ridiculous. In most drug related suicides the person was planning on killing themselves anyway, they just though it would be less unpleasant with drugs. These chemicals don’t suddenly rewire your brain to make you want to kill yourself. Anti-drugs campaigners are likely to put a spin on the fact that allot of people are on drugs when they commit suicide, but with that logic you might as well argue that ropes cause people to commit suicide.

    7 ) Overdosing on supplements

    Really? I don’t quite know how to respond to that. You might as well be describing exercising too hard to be a dangerous trend; both things can be overdone. This doesn’t however mean that parents should be stopping their kids from taking supplements.

    This article is based on misinformation and scare munbering.

    • Bornfree1961

      This warning has significance; I have been concerned about my son for sometime now. Using protein shakes to replace eatingg, taking one thing after another. It all started in highschool football, wrestling, weight training.

      • http://twitter.com/MALFORMA James

        You might want to talk to him seriously about body image and eating disorders. Taking pills and protein shakes and working out obsessively sounds a lot like anorexia. You’d be doing him a favor putting him in therapy.

      • dudemanguy

        A lot of protein shakes are specifically designed to replace meals. They are called “meal-replacement” for a reason, I.e. Slimfast

  • http://twitter.com/ThereInADream Lauren Dunne

    These are all borderline retarded. I’m fifteen years old and the only one of these dangerous trends I’ve ever even heard of is planking. If you’re child is stupid enough to plank on a balcony it’s a victim of natural selection and no amount of advice from you is going to make a difference. Vodka eyeballing? Really? You mams have that little faith in your children? Think about when you were a teenager- if you were stupid enough to pour spirits into YOUR EYE you’re most likely about fourteen years older than your children. Literally the only legitimatley dangerous “trend” on this list is the Choking Game, which is dying off anyway.

    • Jake

      You’ve restored some of my faith in the generation just after my own.

      I’m still holding you responsible for Justin Bieber though.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mibuki Maya Ibuki

    Ignoring the fact that every single one of these activities has been around in some form for YEARS, most of these are vastly over-hyped thanks to one or two incidents where some kids got hurt doing something stupid and the media turned it into a “dangerous new trend”. So yeah. Way to be alarmist, Dear Writer. But no halfway sane parent would worry about any of these things if they’ve raised their children properly.

  • Cheryl M

    Can’t decide if I want to trash this “article” or send it to the over-paranoid parents I know and watch the chaos unfold…

    • Harmony

      Why not both?

  • Harmony

    As soon as I saw the article claim that i-dosing is dangerous and widespread, my bullshit meter started going off. Not only is it not dangerous, it doesn’t even work.

  • Reed

    Oh my god, this is hilarious! XD
    This writer couldn’t possibly be more clueless!
    It’s like they picked random words out of hat and then ran them through the “Scare gullible parents” machine! XD XD XD!

  • Shelby_22

    I-dosing? Lol Are you fucking kidding me?!

  • NicPal

    Pouring liquor in your eyeballs…. Priceless!!!!!

  • Derp

    DANGEROUS NEW TRENDS …first on the list? harmless sound.

  • audrey

    hahahahahaaha I thought this was a joke

  • Non Idiot

    To the author…. The only thing you have correct is that bathsalts are horrible.
    IF you knew ANYTHING about supplimentation of diet you would be aware that an 8oz. steak has the average dose of creatine found in most suppliments. You ma’am are just stupid. If you would like some facts on suppliments examine.com is the place to actually find studies. Not some dipshit from great schools . org.

  • Really?

    This is quite literally the most rediculous article i think ive ever read that has tried to pass itself off as serious. Is this what people write for scare tactics aimed at 40 year old moms??? Thank god i dont use any “supplements” like whey or casein proteins and theres no research at all to show their effectivness at combating fatigue, and poor health.Dont get me started about those dastardly mulitivitamins kids are getting high on while choking each other… or was it the “purple drank” that i used to make while listening to drug music (what the hell? really?) I will quite literally never visit this site again. I feel cheated of my time. Please refund me 15 minutes of my life.

  • Vysris

    I’m sorry, but I had to stop at #5. “Vodka Eyeballing”? I’m in high school, and I can safely say that NO ONE does this. 1, 2, 3, and 4 also don’t happen, at least not among those of us with two brain cells to rub together. I’m guessing it has been a while since the writer of this article was in a teen…

  • Teenager

    If only someone had saved me from the perils of vodka-eyeballing when I was an impressionable young teen, I might still have my eyesight.
    I have since moved on to butt-chugging, because mouth-drinking is so last year.

  • Sophia


  • sophia

    Oooooh, planking… HOW DANGEROUS. God damn paranoid bastards.

  • Jules

    You people need to get a life…most new teen “trends” are b.s. made up to scare adults. I-dosing can be done with a recording of white noise and a ping pong cut in half to cover each of your eyes. You sit there with your eyes covered and listening to the white noise; you will begin to hallucinate. IT’S.NO.BIG.DEAL. No wonder your kids don’t want to talk to you since you are all filled up with these embarrassing theories about today’s youth.

  • http://4womenpk.blogspot.com/ huma khan

    Well I think older must understand the harms of these activites

  • Nick

    This Article made me laugh my fucking ass off!

  • a appeal to logic

    this article should of been named ” 7 things annoyingly overprotective parrents worry about there kids doing” fucking purple drank and bath salts? perhaps if your children are in a gang they might try these things, but in that case they probaly have axcess to read drugs anyway. what a crock of shit article. my bad for reading though, any website with mommy in the url is gotta be as full of shit as possable.

    • Brandy Prater

      People do take robotussin to get high and teens do do bath salts!!!! Not just gangs! Don’t know where ur from but welcome to the real world

  • katarzynka

    You are the queen of the words,Quinn!!!!great comment!!!!…and maybe this article is a newspaper joke???

  • Anonymous

    While this is all true, I’m a teen and I’ve never even heard of most of the trends mentioned. Honestly, like Quinn has mentioned, the majority of people my age don’t even do this stuff. I see this article as just another way to get parents more paranoid over stupid stuff than they already are…

    • Anonymous

      And by the way, no one planks anymore.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michelle.clark1 Michelle Clark

    When I was a teen (late 80’s) We would swallow a whole box of Gravol to get hallucinations, when we couldn’t find acid .. some kids would take the acid in the eye.
    They didn’t go blind though, but man do they have some cataracts these days!
    The average kid though, didn’t do this stuff. It was us kids who came from broken, or messed up homes, or homes with mental illness – the rest of them just smoked a joint once in a while, snuck a beer or two – and outgrew it.
    You know -the kids with an allowance, lol! In general they turned out all right!
    So don’t neglect your children. If you or anyone in your family has a mental illness, don’t put off getting help, and don’t sweep it under the rug. Give your kids a routine, early on, and get them involved in anything that you can.
    Give your kids responsibility, early and often. Teach open communication, and tolerance.
    Watch the news together, and talk about things going on today, and LISTEN. Above all, you have to listen. Most of the time, that’s enough to keep them from going off the rails.
    There is always something out there that is life threatening for your teen to get into, but you knowing about them, and worrying about them is a waste of time, because there is always something new coming down the pike. Raise a child who is smart enough and confident enough to avoid these things. That’s parenting.

    • http://www.facebook.com/bigmammoth Rachel Aloma

      I’d like to add (not sure if you were including the actual teen when you said family members), mental illness can begin manifesting itself at a very young age, so watch for signs/symptoms in your kid. I was an abnormally anxious child, have struggled with severe clinical depression since I was nine or ten years old, and was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in my late teens. I self medicated all through high school, and ended up addicted to heroin for several years (I have 13 months clean now :D). I’m not trying to be an alarmist, and I’m not saying you should take your kid to a shrink for an evaluation RIGHT NOW (!!!!!), but definitely do some research an keep an eye out. I come from a good home and my parents were always loving and attentative. Nevertheless, I’ve tried about every drug in the book, and became a heroin addict. Sometimes it’s not just “stupidity”, it’s pain.

  • whogivesa

    let them do it. that is known as thinning the herd. if they are that stupid then either the parents did not do their job raising the child or the child is a moron who is breathing up my good air and needs to die anyway.

  • Gnja

    I really don’t know whic entry is the most stupid. pouring votka into your eyes, choking yourself or the stunning ralisation that consuming protein without exercise will make you fat.
    Either America is as full of idiots as the european media portrays them or this is a site dedicated to paranoia and ignoring journalistic integrity.
    And for the record I’m a teen and I have tried both soft drugs and alcohol and I would laugh in the face of anyone who proposes any of this without being sarcastic as hell

  • Sensemaker

    1 Dangerous old trend in the media:

    Alarmist bullshit that we know is completely false but post without any trace of shame because our marketing department told us that it would generate more traffic and therefore more ad revenue.

    There I fixed it for you. You’re welcome

  • Kaylee

    As a teen myself, I find this HILARIOUS and not at all accurate.

  • Laughingmyassoff

    As an actual teenager this made my day, for someone to think that the act of laying down on a flat surface is dangerous gives new meaning to stupidity, this is just an article to get people paranoid about teenagers

  • Teenagedandlaughing

    Wow! I’ve never heard of these before, but I’m going to go try them now! Thanks!

  • cabbo

    I was expecting cat piss to make an appearance. Mephedrone isn’t hallucinogenic.

    ‘I-dosing’ (terrible name) is not real. Anyone dumb enough to think sound will get you high probably can get high from anything they think will get them high.

    Eye-balling alcohol works, will not cause immediate blindness (but I’d avoid it, because that can’t be good for your eyes).
    If you grab your chin really tight and smile for a few minutes, you’ll have a bruised chin.

  • 0pinionated

    You know what? You people should kiss my ass. If there is ANY chance that something has the potential to harm or kill my children, I’ll err on the side of safety. EVERY TIME! If you were parents, instead of trying to be your kids “friends” you’d care about your kids more too.

  • disqus_apmjARd3Io

    “Most players are teens who want to get high with using drugs or alcohol.”

    way to miss the point on that one hahaha
    -the 1%
    ps. ZOOTED

  • http://www.facebook.com/jrvinnh Joseph Vignolo

    I’ve listened to some of the new techno-pop music myself. It has a lot of computer generated music in it that seems to beat right into the pleasure centers of your brain. There does seem to be an addictive quality to it. It’s very pleasurable to listen to and you want to listen to it very loud and over and over.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Brokenshiftkey Becky Anderson

    It’s been awhile since I’ve read an article that has this amount of fallacy. I don’t even know anyone who has done any of these things. I didn’t even know Planking was still a thing.

  • Nope

    >Article is called “7 Dangerous New Teen Trends”
    >First example states “researchers say that I-dosing itself is harmless”.
    Seriously? Was the person who wrote this even trying?

    • Nope

      I should have read everything before commenting. For anyone who intends to read the rest: go ahead, it’s a great comedy article. If you get a good laugh out of your faith in humanity and fact checking hitting rock-bottom, that is.

  • NoJustNo

    I’m 19…annnd this is all bullshit. I don’t know a single person who has ever done any of these things. Planking? i-dosing? Vodka eye balling? WTF? Who does that?! Listen, the only thing this article is doing is giving really stupid people of any age really stupid ideas.

    I’ll tell you what we do, smoke pot, drink, occasionally do Acid or Shrooms, some people have done Molly/ MDMA. In my opinion the most dangerous things people do are LSD, Drinking, and E.

    The absolute worst thing happening right now is a spike in Heroin use. I do know a few people who have done it, mostly older than me though. So parents, please go pay attention to REAL problems and not some crazy BS designed to freak you out and read more of these articles.

  • Concerned Parent

    Where are your sources for this bullshit?

  • whatever

    remember when teens were making drugs from their feces?

  • invalid

    the last one. protein is used for weight gain in most cases, so as creatine and gainer and amino acids. well to tell true for faster muscle healing because they tear while workout. and thats a good thing. if you want loose weight do cardio, run and nothing more. youll be skinny. just eat every few hours small meal and skip dinner.

    any person under 18 sholdnt work out in gym at maximum or at all. thats my opinion and few of my friends. even dough some workout from young age is every good.

    tip check out crossfit. its crazy good to be buffed and toned but not too much. makes you more focused too

  • i hate kids

    Teens are stupid so why is it news when they do some irresponsible, retarded shit?

  • ross salituro

    this article sounds like a kick-ass fuckin night out. I know lots of teenagers, I was one myself a few years ago, no one I know myself included is this frikkin stupid. Adults are just as likely to do any of this crap. a moron doesn’t stop being a moron when they turn 19

  • Dan

    I am so disappointed that pasting did not make this list!

  • teenageDetective

    This… will be good. Possibly incredibly stupid, and totally wrong. That will only serve to make it funnier. I have a question though. What the hell is a “tween?!” I mean seriously, adults love to spout the term… but I learned long ago that very few people actually know the real meaning of the words they are saying. Anyway, my question still stands, with an afterthought question as well. It goes a little like this. “WHO WOULD COME UP WITH THIS VODKA EYEBALLING THING?!?!” I mean SERIOUSLY… That’s just STUPID.

  • http://www.facebook.com/romy.shockey Romy Shockey

    … Really? There’s so much BS in this post it almost reaches the ‘not funny any more’ level. Honestly, how many people do you know (teen or otherwise) who are willing to poor vodka in their eyes? Most people I know won’t even let water in if they can help it.

    Most teens aren’t dedicated enough to make ‘purple drank’, and it sounds disgusting. Nobody wants to mess with bath salts since the zombie incident. And most kids don’t want to take a crap ton of supplemental pills in the morning, believe it or not.

    And beyond that… really? You’re worried about teens doing crazy things with yoga and music, and choking each other? There’s no way any of this is as prevalent as you think it is. Really, most teens are not that stupid.

  • Cops reporter

    The author of this article really should have made clear the difference between bath salts people use in their baths and the drug bath salts.

  • fdgstr

    wait, this is just satire right?

  • scantimatter

    Binural beats have been around for quite a while. The early 2000’s are when I learned about them (as a teenager). I attempted on several occasions to get these “highs” but was never successful. It wasn’t util a few years ago when I underwent treatment for PTSD that I ever had any pseudo-high from bi lateral brain stimulation, and it was not pleasant. In my experience these binural beats are more of an aid to guided meditation, and not a free high.

  • Tim

    Emotional and over exaggerated. The dangers are the same, they’re just different, when I was in 3rd grade south park came on the air. That was the end all be all of morality in the US of A. Kids will do what they want, when you force a will you’re going to force a rebellion. People need to stop fear mongering. You cant get high from listening to something on the internet.

  • Caleb

    “Overdosing on Substances, New teen trend!” .
    Karen Hudson, journalism is not for you. Find a different job.

  • A Student

    As a 17 year old high school senior, all of these are complete bull except bath salts and even that is a rare thing only the really hardcore druggie kids get into. Same thing with cough syrup and that isn’t used to make “purple drank”, people drink a ton of cough syrup or dip their blunts/joints in it. Parents crack me up sometimes. Do high school students use drugs and alcohol? Yes, some do. But most don’t pour booze in their eyeballs or OD on supplements. If you’re really concerned about what your kid is getting into, think back to what you or people you knew did in high school. Things haven’t changed much.

  • Ian Fleming

    Hahaha, this is silly. The smart high-school kids are still smoking marijuana like normal teenagers!

  • http://twitter.com/xxxerocool William Day

    Umm… Your web site sucks because every time I click the next segment the same ad opens. And Windows 8 sucks, too.

  • Matt

    I go to a high powered boarding school, and I’ll be honest, I have never seen any of these done. On the other hand, I do routinely watch kids do lines of adderall in the bathroom, and drop acid in their rooms. So no, drugs and alcohol are not on the decline, not even close (at least where I am).

  • Colt

    the bath salts thing is the only thing on here that jumps at me. I knew a guy from high school that killed himself while on them. He was perfectly fine a few days before. The rest of this is common sense, don’t do it and talk to your kids about what to avoid.

  • iwannatryit

    Wow…..I’ve never heard of I-dosing, makes me wanna try it. Your probably giving teens more ideas than you are warning parents. Just my opinion.

  • MrNeedtoKnow

    Today’s kids are more into electronics and less outgoing. Kids take risky activities due to lack of going outside and enjoy their childhood by interacting with others, running, playing, and conducting other risky activities. Regardless chidren are little daredevils.

  • Quinn

    This is worse that health class, i haven’t even heard of the sound get high thingy. Why do these stupid web pages even exist, I don’t know one person who drinks cough syrup to get high, but welcome to modern
    Day mother paranoia don’t believe these stupid articles. PLANKING KICKS ASS AND ANARCHY RULES!!!!!!!

  • NYC

    The real trend is paranoia amongst mothers. Still cannot believe planking is on here.

  • medic

    Only new thing here is bath salts. people are literally out of their minds on that shit. and not in any sort of good way.

  • Ignorance

    Lol, you cant make “purple drank” by mixing Robitussin with anything. Purple drank contains no dxm, whatsoever. The cough syrup has to contain codeine, lile promethazine

    • Ignorance


  • john

    As a teen, this is a bunch of bs. Really dropping vodka into ur eye.

  • Kathy

    If your really a concerned parent, use your parental controls and monitor kids texts and emails. You can stop a lot of unnecessary issues that easy.

  • Andy

    This reminds me of when I was a kid in the 1970s-80s,when parents heard there were satanic messages in rock music and in the 2000s when everyone was concerned about “rainbow parties” and gel bracelets. I think kids just make these urban legends up just to screw with parents. I think that’s a teen trend that we should watch out for.

  • bob

    I doesing has ben done by pregnant women 4 years . for the baby in the womb .

  • parents2dayRgullible

    Any parent who actually thinks planking is dangerous should just give up now. None of these are actually dangerous; space monkey / the choking game has been around forever. I-dosing? Dangerous? Binaural beats are harmless, this article must have been written by an idiot if she thinks altering your consciousness with music is dangerous. Cough syrup? Get a life. Vodka eyeballing? See also boofing rolls, circa 1995. That means you parents out there did it at one point in your lives.

  • Jerry Fletcher

    just listen to Pink Floyd

  • monsters

    “I-dosing” is literally just music with ambient noises that some people actually ended up tricking themselves into thinking its producing any effect, while relaxing its certainly not “mind-altering” and is DEFINETLY not dangerous by any means. This article was a joke from the start. I’m a 16 year old high school student in ohio and we laugh about things like these.

  • Don Pablo

    Pop a Molly I’m sweating, woo!

  • BJ

    sorry, folks — the choking game is real. A friend came home & found her 20 something son unconcious with a plastic bag around his head; he’d been playing this dumb-ass “game.”

  • Butler

    They forgot Cheesing where you take a cat and get high off its piss its a new trend seen lots of kids cheesing out of their F**cking mind lol

  • Karenina

    I thought the article said “new” … all these have been around for ages! Including alcohol enemas and tampon-soaking … this article is incomplete, outdated, and pretty ridiculous.

  • alah akabar

    Zombies are here

  • Legion

    This will probably be made fun of by teens who do this stuff. I don’t care your the dumb one for doing any of this. How can they be this dumb and do this stuff? No wonder why everything has to change because people can’t seem to use. Products for their intended use and if they are actually the legal age. Along without realizing the damage that this causes which some of this can’t be repaired or fixed. By the body, or surgery what especially gets me is the vodka in the eye, and the bath salts. Are you that dumb, that you would actually pour a liquid that is half alcohol in your freaking eye? Then snort, inject, or smoke bath salts of which is very dangerous and poisonous. Almost all the teens of this generation are crazy not all their are a few good ones. It is scary to think then how bad the next generation after this one will be.

  • Fluffypuppy

    I know of someone whose son 14 years old died from playing the choking game. Really awful.

  • williedynamite

    Wow, what a crock of mess! If you can’t tell when you’re teens are getting high, then you’re slower than driving miss daisy! Look wait and watch! I couldn’t get a damn thing by my mother and father they were aware of anything different about me! On top of that my mama searched my room like the fbi and my father drilled me loke columbo! I thank God they did or I would’ve been dead years ago! Thanks mama and daddy! RIP! I loved you both!

  • Brandon Freeman

    Planking got old 2 years ago, this is the first time I’ve heard of eyeballing, and I’m friends with a lot of kids who like to get high and none of them are dumb enough to choke themselves.

  • Randompersononline

    Heh. Interesting stuff… As for that “bath salts,” I’ve had a few friends who’ve used it. 17, 18 year-olds. If this article is true, then they were not really getting ‘bath salts.’

  • CubanLadie 13

    Omfg. Im 13 nd this is sum real bs. Its really funny how this was wrtten on my 13th bday. But I had no clue what most of this shit was. Ive had one friend get high on cough syrup but she has sum seriouse problems. But thanks 4 telling me how to mke purple drank smartness. And now, ima start planking evrywhere. Nd ima try idosing. Thanxs for the tip. And wen i g2 hs next year, I will beware of children pouring vodka into their eyes. -_-

    • DroidRage

      Watch your filthy mouth.

  • Aaron.

    These teens have started to wear baggy jeans, aka “IBagging”. It has led to teens falling and getting a serious scrape on their knee which will need a band aid. Most middle aged parents find this to be extremely harmful and can lead to their teens doing meth.

    Hey, you’re and idiot.

  • lordofthegays

    Stop putting blurbs on different pages. I don’t want to click ten times in order to read one article!


    Vodka Eyeballing?! hahahahahahah fuck this shit is all so stupid… so “dangerous”

  • Rancid

    Yup, space monkeys is what we called it, yeah, you need experience wrestling teaches you the basics.

  • ciaraj

    A number of these were around when I was a teen and I’m 60. I was hoping for something “new” not re-runs of the 1960s & 1970s. There are no laws against being stupid. If there were, out jails would REALLY be filled!

  • Good dog

    When I was a kid all we did was drink and drive practically legally smoke pot. LSD shrooms coke but nothing dangerousness like bath salts or robutussin…. You crazy kids

  • someone

    Agreed. I’m 17, and every idea on here is completely useless.

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.vandiamondsworth Richard Vandiamondsworth

    Death to the weakling, wealth to the strong.

  • Helicopter Joe

    All these are bogus except the last one.

  • God

    That’s smart lets let this leak to kids searching for something new to do stop putting this propaganda on the Internet and watch it decline

  • Taryn

    The choking game is definitely not new. This was going on when I was in jr. high school. I might add I graduated from high school 16 years ago so I was in jr. high 21 years ago as in 1991-1992 was my first year in jr high and this was when I first heard of the choking game(principal made announcement over PA warning us not to do it due to it being dangerous.) I was aware that something that kids were doing at least 21 years ago is considered ‘new.’

    The rest are mostly not happening they are things overprotective parents freak out about. My teenage cousin and I read this and he got a great laugh about it. He was the one who actually directed me to this article for a good laugh.

  • Brandy Prater

    IT BE BEST TO WATCH UR TEEN FO R STUFF YOU DID AS TEEN OR OTHERS YOUR AGE DID!!!! DOESN’T CHANGE JUST TIMES CHANGE AND DIFFERENT GROUP!Or they drink it straight and call it robo trip!! Robo tripping is a cheap way for them to trip! Not same affects as lsd or acid but still kinda close! Had a friend in high school who would when didn’t have $ and she went physco. Crazy wigging out one night on her parents and friends closest to her. And as others say not new trend. I’m 32!

  • TeeHeeHee

    Why would someone even waste their time writing about today’s teens? I have never met such a bunch of uninspired,boring,people in all my life,every generation has it’s own way to rebel but this generation doesn’t,all they do is sit on the couch playing boring video games,listening to an old,worn out music form,”rap” and getting boring stupid tattoos,if anything they need to do some drugs or something,boring,boring,boring.

  • Nono

    Don’t give them a beer and a joint,sell them one.

  • Mike

    I’m a teen and my trend is to show girls my huge 14″ dong.

  • Rocky & Bullwinkle

    Kid, now we gotta’ talk. This is a very serious manner. Someone told me that they seen you planking the other day at the store. Do you know how dangerous that is!? If I hear you are planking one more time, you are grounded.

  • http://www.facebook.com/birk.birkman Birk Birkman

    Purple Drank? Isn’t that just another name for Grape Soda, a long time favorite in the black community?

  • Shellfish

    Kids that trying to go forward in their lives and BE somebody would not be interested in BS like this……

  • joe

    purple drank is codiene cough syroup n grape soda from a sonic food chain, planking is dumb n the new fad is vadering, an eyeballing vodka well at least they stopped putting it in there butts!!!

  • CC

    Eyeballing? Seriously? I have a second job delivering pizzas, and no surprise a bunch of these teenager people happen to be my co-workers. I haven’t been one for the better part of 10 years, but I may or may not be guilty of partying with them a few times. I’ve never seen anyone pour vodka into their eyes. That’s just silly, you would think a professional writer would know that alcohol is partially secreted from the body through the lungs, thus the alcohol breath. Doesn’t matter how it goes in, that’s how it comes out. Trust me, they”d rather drink it. And I guess I should stop using whey protein and creatine, since apparently they will cause early onset osteoporosis. And muscle cramps, I’ll never be sore after a good workout again! They don’t work anyway…too bad science has proven again and again they do.

    Who I really feel sorry for, is the poor kid who has the overly paranoid and protective, and gullible parent who happens read and believe stuff like this. Sorry kid, just remember…she means well.

    • whyman?

      You know the sad thing is you could actually snort the vodka, much less dangerous to your biology. They even have bars in America where this is a thing. Stupid kids, being all stupid and such.

  • Copper

    This is idiotic. There is nothing dangerous about listening to an MP3 of sine waves (which is all binaural beats are) for twenty minutes. At worst you might get a headache. But it must be bad because it supposedly gets you high, right?!

  • http://twitter.com/TheVoice247 The Voice

    Call me old school, but I enjoy real drugs and drink my codeine straight

  • whyman?

    Is anyone else bothered by the term “tween”. Not only does it sound precocious as F**k it just should not be a thing. Hey you’re not a teenager yet, suck it up, who cares you’re going to become one sooner or later. Stop pretending that you are with a fricken silly word. And shame on this parenting website for enabling the concept. I wag my finger at your html.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pitt.lord.75 Pitt Lord

    I don’t think I could ever be so desperate to get drunk that I would pour vodka or any other alcohol IN MY EYE! Kids these days are so fucking stupid they deserve every bit of misfortune that comes there way. It won’t be enough to accomplish what natural selection is prevented from doing, but it’s better than nothing.

  • Oak-Tail

    By nature, we are all collective. We all shape our vision, understanding and or sense making over time of life. Young souls that are starting fresh in life with this process in life are like squeezed sponge. It sure is ideal to have control over influences, knowledge and or beliefs that are accessible to young souls. But that is ideal from the position as parents/guardians and to me, actions based on idealism has to be thoroughly thought through on the potential outcome/consequences either be +, neutral or -. From my life experiences… They key to happiness and safety comes from seamless efforts to communicate to share opinions and or knowledge… this is only a opinion from one man with only intention to share. hope to learn more from experiences of sharing.