Flashback Friday: Tiffney Cambridge Talks “Marrying the Game”

Tiffney Cambridge

It's FlashBack Friday and we're taking a look back at some of our favorite celebrity interviews. Today we're seeing where Tiffany was back in August of 2013 before all of The Game's recent and very public confession on love for assistant LoLo. See where ex-fiance Tiffany's head was back then!

For those who tuned into VH1 "Marrying the Game" season one, you know Tiffney Cambridge, fiance to rapper The Game, called off their wedding. Viewers wondered if the show would come back for a second season and if it did, what would it look like? Would they try to get married again or would they live single lives?  Mommynoire sat down with Tiffney to get a few questions answered:


What is the state of the relationship now?

Right now we’re working on our relationship, co-parenting kids and are working through issues we had, that caused me to call the wedding off.  We’re rebuilding our friendship.


Why did you call off the wedding?

I didn’t feel at the time Jayceon [Taylor, the Game's given name] was in a place to be married.  I didn’t think he was ready and so I wanted to give him an opportunity to get ready before we went through with marriage.


Why stay in a relationship if there is no matrimony in the foreseeable future

All relationships have ups and downs and require work, no one is perfect. At the end of the day, we’re family and have been together for a long time.   Just because I decided not to marry at that time doesn’t mean I’m giving up on the relationship.


A wedding day is every woman’s dream. How much courage did it take to call it off?

It was very difficult, the most difficult decision I ever had to make. I still deal with having to call my wedding off, but to me, it wasn’t about the wedding day but about the marriage, the commitment.   I didn’t want to have a big beautiful wedding and still have to resolve issues that I knew I already had during the marriage.  I didn’t want to marry just because the opportunity was there and have to live with knowing I should have listened to my inner voice and govern myself. Marriage is a lifetime and I wanted to make sure I did the right thing. A marriage is not something to enter into lightly; it is very serious.


What’s different this time around?  

In season 2 we’re working on trying to get back to where we were when we initially became friends.  We’re living in separate places, which was difficult at first but as we worked through things, it got easier.  We still still see each other all the time so it’s not a big difference.  It has taken some adjustment, not having an extra parent in the house and to explain our circumstances to the kids.


Do you have to be in a relationship to co-parent?  

I just came to the realization that it can work.  I thought it might be more difficult than it is, but it is possible to not be in a relationship and still have a meaningful relationship for the kids and both of you.


How have you grown since we’ve last seen you?

I’ve always been independent. Now I’m more independent and in the process of building inner strength that I didn’t know I had.  I’m moving forward, dealing with consequences that came along with the decision to call off the wedding.  I’m also taking time to work on projects that keep me centered and focusing on me.


We hear you’re working on a children’s book. Tell us about it.

As a school teacher, reading and literacy is a natural transition for me, so I started writing children’s books.  The title is How the Little Girl Lost Her Smile and it tells the story about a little girl who’s happy, well-rounded, well-adjusted but through life's trials and tribulations lost her smile.  There are five different scenarios that show you how she gets the smile back.  It’s a picture books with illustrations, for ages 5-11.



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