People’s idea about social media and publicly expressing feelings has changed in the last decade or so. There was always a bit of secrecy and shyness surrounding the various stages of pregnancy. People used to be secretive about having a child for various reasons. They felt embarrassed about this fact that they were having a child even if they were married for long and everyone anyway expected this news from them sooner or later.

Women though happy would not even share this news with their coworkers and even all their friends. They would tell only their mothers and maybe some close friends and sisters etc. and that too in hushed tones and roundabout ways.  Now amazingly, the attitudes have changed. From the first day of pregnancy, women do not hesitate to announce to the world that they are soon going to have a small addition to the family.

We would have never imagined that women and their husbands would share pictures of the pee test kits announcing the arrival a baby to the world. The social media has become so significant that people may forget to share any news with their immediate family and yet they would announce the news on Instagram and Facebook. This extends to holiday pictures to eating out every day, intimate pictures or bizarre ones, nothing can escape the social media. It has become an open forum where people do not hesitate to post anything without any inhibitions.

You can see some social media etiquettes about posting pictures and news on the website that deal with this obsession of people. If you are keen to know more click this over here now. This will help you to save yourself from some embarrassment in the future. This is becoming essential now as people are not aware of these etiquettes and may make faux-pas or some embarrassing posts that may haunt them for a long time. This may also make them go off the social media forever. Though people post stories without inhibitions but then when they are trolled or shamed for the same then they do not take criticism well. They do not like criticism easily. In fact, there are some pictures posted that would gross people out and yet they are scared to comment negatively as they do not want to be called prudes or made fun of.