10 True Hustlers: Where Celebrities Worked Before Fame


Hate your job? Don't sulk, because a host of your favorite artists despised their jobs too. You won't believe where top celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Madonna, Kanye West and Kid Cudi worked before getting bit by the fame bug. Did you know one marketing guru had to clean toilets?

10 True Hustlers: Where Celebrities Worked Before Fame

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  • fts

    ok i agree with diddy here. a job is a JOB. PERIOD! Be proud of what you do for a living if it puts food on the table and a roof over your head. Take pride in everything that you do!

  • Givanni Vallejo

    How does this make them hustlers , if anything they just need to get out to pursue and show their talent but I didn’t see know hustlers here just ordinary people working just like the rest of us or I guess that just makes all of us hustlers

    • Krystal

      true, most people are hustlers. if you can keep a job and make ends meet you are a hustler, because for many, that’s not an easy feat. i’d consider these celebs hustlers because they found a way to make ends meet AND pursue their dreams, successfully. that struggle is REAL (not to diminish the hustle of a 9-5). some people give up on dreams and settle on just making a living. so yea, a job is a hustle just like a dream is hustle. so anyone doing BOTH no matter what the dream is, is hustling.