TV Sitcoms That Had Major Beef Behind the Scenes

The following actors and actresses are amazing at their jobs. Specifically because they know how to put on a great show despite the troubles that are going on behind the scenes. Take a look at the following hit shows that had major beef off-screen:

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    I remember when Kim Cole’s gained weight, it was obvious but it din’t take away from her beauty. She had such a pretty face. Max had a nice shape and looked better throughout the years.

    • lol

      yeah max’s body was the TRUTH

      • Mike

        And that husky voice–damn!

    • me

      Max was the “total package”. Even Kim Fields said that when they shared a dressing “closet” not “room”; she had to look at “that” body and then come on stage be “Regine”. LOL

      • BBBEE25TEE


    • Ric Drasin

      I always though Kim Coles was gorgeous.

      • BBBEE25TEE

        Yes she was, beautiful smile and all. She’s still a pretty lady.

  • sammi

    okay, I already knew a lot of these rumored beefs. But you never explained what the problem was with Brandy on the set of Thea. What was going on? As far as the Cosby show, I heard that Bill is a terror to work with and he also got Cockroach (Theo’s friend aka Cole from Martin lol) fired from the show because he refused to cut his hair. Also, you forgot to add in the Sex and the City beef. Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Catrall did not get a long, Kim was jealous that Sarah was made producer on SATC and was getting paid more and got more attention. Rumor was, Kim was the hold out for the movie not being made a lot sooner, she also did not sit with the other three ladies during a dinner party celebrating the movie.

    • Danielle N Thompson

      On the set of Thea, Brandy was constantly singing and Thea didnt think it was the place for it and would constantly put her down or tell her to shut up.

      • sammi

        oh wow

      • defan2

        Good idea! That girl CAN”T SING!

      • Tony Mcneil

        Thea said that Brandy had a smart sassy mouth, and she was not use to that from a child. She said that she did not have a problem with the child, but rather her mother who allowed and encouraged her to act that way.

        • Ric Drasin

          I fell her on that. I can’t eat isht from kids either.

    • mike

      Or the HUGE beef between Countess Vaughn and Brandy. Countess felt that she was more talented than Brandy and resented her success. They even gave her the spinoff show-only to be upstaged by Mo’Nique. So, despite winning Star Search, she never had a successful singing career.

      • Tricia

        I was totally thinking about that one too. I actually watched Countess on a talk show once talk about that, how she doesn’t like Brandy.

      • noyfb6

        Now this one is surprising to me

    • Dymond Lancaster

      Carl Anthony Payne II , who played Cockroach, said Bill Cosby fired him because he refused to shave off his mustache. As young as he looked I don’t blame Cosby. Also Payne bit off his nose to spite his face. It was a job in an industry where people don’t beat down doors to hire Black actors. Shaving was a no brainer.

      • me

        It wasn’t his mustache, because he barely had one, it was because he wouldn’t get a “haircut” is why he was fired. Bill thought he was the father off screen as well. Bill has said that “Malcolm was his favorite because he did everything he asked and/or told.”

        • Dymond Lancaster

          Well that’s what he said when asked on the street. I think it was TMZ that approached him. Why would it be his hair? That show was the one show where the actors & actresses basically had variations of big or small naturals. Long or short, straight or curly hair.

      • dthompson1313

        I agree, especially on such a show that depicted a black family and their friends in such a positive light on tv. It’s hair it will grow back. I would have happily shaved or cut my hair. Roles are so hard to come by for minority people in Hollywood why make hair be the reason you don’t have a job…smh

  • Sandbrn

    The ladies of Living Single knew how to be ride or die for their girl…Too bad so many others can’t put the ego aside.

    • me

      I saw Kim’s Life After and she stated that the producers had a problem with her weight gain, but true friends stuck by her through it all.

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  • TT

    You guys forgot to talk about the beef lisa raye also had with Else Neal on All of Us…homegirl got Elise Neal fired like she got Stacey Dash

    • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

      What? Serve some more of that tea, please.

      • TT

        Yes honey apparently when Lisa Got married to that prime minister she thought she was all that and felt like she had to get paid more and should of been the star and apparently her and Elise did not get along…i even heard Lisa did the her or me thing…Tony Rock who was also on the show said Lisa ruined the show

        • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

          I love her cause she’s from Chicago & all but she was this sense of pride like she sh1t don’t stink or like she too good to wipe her own a$$. Her & that all white wardrobe is wat really let me know that she’s a diva. And not in a good way. She need to eat some humble pie, arrogant heifa…

          • TT

            Exactly! My mama always told me never trust a woman who only wears all white or try to make themself seem holier than thou cause they have something to hide

          • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

            Lol, my mom taught me the same… Church folk got as much mess as every1 else…is wat she basically taught me

          • Hate 2 Break It To Ya

            Hiding the fact that she was taking the D from the Rev #yuckers

    • Dymond Lancaster

      She didn’t get her fired. Neal was angry that Raye was given more to do in the episodes. She had become the more popular female with the fans so that’s the way the show shifted and Raye’s character became central to the story with the characters of the father played by Duane Martin & the son.

      • Gina K

        Not buyin it

    • Mr Marcus

      Guess she gives bomb head cuz she can’t act worth a damn

    • mia

      I heard about the tiff on all of us Elise wasn’t the only one remeber The actress Teri Vaughn left too!!. But As far as it goes with Stacy Dash after the things Ms dash has said this pass year bashing Obama & oprah taking up for paula deen I’m glad Lisa got her uncle tom azz fired

      • Rose_budd

        Stacy dash NEVER bashed that idiot she just expressed hr support of Romney , something ALL americans have the right to do. Or have we forgotten what civil rights are about and who their for?

      • etonni

        I don’t even remember the dumb show, but Stacy Dash is a very attractive woman lost respect from many several years ago when she opened up her mouth about her personal life.

  • Monie

    That good that they were sticking up for Kim Coles she wasn’t even gaining weight.

    • Witchdoktor

      The heck she wasn’t. She looked like she gained about 15-20 lbs. But she was still cute.

  • Clove96154

    Tisha Campbell husband wanted to join the cast of Martin and Martin said No and that’s when the Shhhh! hit the Fan !!she said he slipped her the tongue on one of the love scenes on the show. But is it me or did it look like she had no problem with Martin touching and Kissing on her until her husband wanted to join the cast and he said no !!

    • And There It Is


    • mia

      I think Martin was in love with Gina their chemistry was off the charts I don’t think she realized his feeling until that moment then it got real!!

      • Ric Drasin

        Martin couldn’t pump the brakes

    • noyfb6

      Didn’t know that. I always thought they were something going on with Tisha and Martin behind the scenes. I couldn’t help but notice things went downhill once she became serious with Duane

  • South Fort Ent

    The Fresh Prince of Bel Air did fall off after they replace the “original Aunt Vivian” Janet Hubert-Whitten with the “second Aunt Vivian” Daphne Maxwell Reid. It’s just like the show Good Times fell off after they killed of James Evans played by John Amos. No one like that character Carl who tried to step in as a father figure.

    • Ric Drasin

      To me, there is only one Aunt Viv.

    • Keri

      I don’t even remember Carl! lol

      • noyfb6

        Me neither lol

  • David Gray

    Anyone notice that the first 8 shows were all black? Hmmmmm…………

    • Yanksfan2010

      Their are plenty of white shows that had issues with the cast. Threes Company, Growing Pains, etc. Also this website is towards the black community, hence more shows had black cast members.

    • Lacey

      Laverne & Shirley still don’t speak, shannon got kicked off Charmed too b/c she an Alyssa Milano hated each other

  • Sylverster Tillingsgrad

    Rumors that Doherty had a beef with Garth? It was more than just rumors since it led to “Brenda’s” departure mid-series. That same attitude caused a less than “Charmed” work environment on that show. The rift between her and Milano led to her departure at the end of season 3.

    As an exercise to readers, What do the season 3 finale of Charmed and the series finale of Martin have in common?

  • non

    People probably don’t remember how Martin Lawerence went off the deep end around that time. By the ‘deep end’ I mean he went out in the street with a gun, apparently he was on something. He had a disaster of a movie and his show was ending. I just wanted to give people here the background on that story. Also, later on, he was in a coma.

    • jenna

      He was diagnoised with Bipolar disoder didn’t hear about the coma

    • Penelope

      What people didn’t realize is that the “deep end” that happened was related to Martin finding out his then wife Pat Southall was hooking up with Emmitt Smith. That’s what really happened, but they passed it off like he was going crazy.

    • Rose_budd

      He had had a stroke, and was hospitalized for a period shortly after or right before blue streak and im almost positive there were a number of years between the incidences with the show and his health

  • defan2

    Didn’t know 90210 was a sitcom (at least intentionally).

  • defan2

    Will Smith is an arrogant “actor” with a sense of entitlement and Brandy is the same. So glad they were exposed for what they really are.

  • Luce Morales

    There is no such thing as having “beef.” You have “a beef” with someone, but “having beef” is a new, incorrect usage. It make the writer sounds like an idiot.

    • Ric Drasin

      Lucen up!

  • Mr Marcus

    Clearly Brandy was the problem. #spoiledbitchesdontwin

  • Mr Marcus

    F U C K Brandy and Lisa Raye’s non-acting A S S es.

  • TrueDiamond

    Still watch it

  • Ric Drasin

    Still, there is only one Aunt Viv.



  • millionario

    “Caused “riff raff”””? Please, you should have a dictionary handy when you write your articles. I believe you are referring to the word “rift”. Who writes this stuff?

  • Booyah

    Brandy has always aggravated me for some reason. I don’t think she particularly talented as a singer OR actress, but opinions are like bumholes I suppose. Everybody has one. Plus she’s got that big creepy forehead and those chicklet teeth with those gums and eyes that seem just a little too far apart. I think she might actually be the alien from American Dad. *shiver*