Man Crush Monday: Rapper Nas Smashes Hearts In These 13 Fly Photos


The Queens-bridge rap icon who turned hip-hop on its ear 20 years ago with his groundbreaking debut album “Illmatic,” launched Mass Appeal Records, an independent record label to provide an outlet for new Nas music as well as shepherd a generation of new hip-hop hopefuls. His business and creative efforts aside, Nas is also legend not only for his lyrical ability but for his swag and fashion sense. Take a look at his hottest moments....ever...oh, and thank us later for what you are about to see. Get ready to indulge in our Man Crush Monday:

Man Crush Monday: Rapper Nas Smashes Hearts In These 13 Fly Photos

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    Nas do look good!!! Amen

    • Valentina

      “does” look good

  • Av’Edmonds

    My Lord aren’t you just fine

  • tarrilove

    Nas never ages, he like one of those fine old players. That’s going to be fine when he is 60! Lol

  • Quiana Jackson

    Wow in 20 years he hasn’t aged damn what the hell is he using on his skin cause he needs to tell the other rappers to get what he has because some of these rappers aging badly hint Jay -Z

  • Moki

    I did not know Nas underwent nasal reconstruction back in the day

  • Kanaya Ademola

    Sorry but I don’t find these rappers attractive at all. Give me an educated Banker any day!

    • Krissy

      Well get yo a$$ off the site then!! Lol

      • sayNoToFriedChicken

        May i suggest Forbes Lol

      • Valentina

        so you admit you have only rappers here, or you chose to look at raPERS? tHERE ARE SOME DECENT EDUCATED BLACK MEN FOR US TO LOOK AT

    • letskeepitreal

      Most rappers are educated and deal/handle thereown. Money… that was very ignorant of you to say that

      • Valentina

        ha! you are not serious! most of them educated? hahahahaha

      • Valentina


  • Krissy

    I love me some NAS been down since day one, damn he still fine as he!! Tho

  • Eurico Miyaka
  • Euan Green