Meet Denzel Washington’s Children


After Denzel Washington met his wife Pauletta in the 70's, they were inseparable. They tied the knot in 1983 and had four children. John David (b. 1984) Katia (b. 1986) and at age 41 Pauletta gave birth to twins Olivia and Malcolm (b. 1991.) Take a look at Denzel's beautiful children:

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  • original*ijs

    his wife has the most biggest and prettiest smiles i swear she looks so happy! lol

  • Mia

    Miss Pauletta has some strong genes! Their kids look just like her with slight resemblance to their dad. Beautiful family

  • more

    None of his kids look like him 0_0 Denzel is the best looking one out of all them !

    • Rella Lita

      Shame on you

  • NaneaT

    The kid you call Katia is actually Olivia (e.g. MTV movie awards), the agencies got that wrong.

  • Kinsmankid

    Gorgeous family.

  • Jeanette Johnson

    Gorgeous family!

  • Kath

    Denzel can do no wrong.

  • yaegerj

    I would love to see him and Wesley Snipes do a movie together.

    • Cindie

      Wesley Snipes isn’t fit to shine Denzel’s shoes!!!!

    • blueink

      Isn’t Snipe’s colorstruck behind still in jail?

      • yaegerj

        He has been out for a few months now, gearing up for new movie projects.

    • Gee Gee

      Hello, where have u been? They got their fame together in Mo’ Better Blues by Spike Lee a movie in the 80’s. They both took off after that movie.

  • Wizzer White

    trayvon got is justice

  • tracy

    Daughter needs to lose weight otherwise she is pretty and Denzel should tell her. Not that there is anything wrong with being bigger but in Hollywood one has no excuse with the nutrition and personal trainers. etc. My dad put me on a diet and exercise program as soon as I turned 18 an age where I could gain weight. When she grows older she will gain even more weight and when you are young it’s so easier to lose weight.

    • LydiasDad

      What a shallow, worthless post. Your dad should be ashamed, and you should be ashamed of him.

    • edfhdfghdgdg

      shut up stick a donut in your mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Guest

      Did your Dad have as much money as Denzel?

    • L.


  • Wolfgang Jäger

    I refuse to be told what to do, so I won’t meet his kids and that is final.

  • Cindie

    What a BEAUTIFUL, BLACK FAMILY! Long live the Washingtons!!!!!

  • MrsBarker

    Denzel is timeless… Beautiful family. However, hate to be the one who has to admit this The Washington’s are not the nicest…. Long story short they have a home and strong connections to my area. I used to work for a livery service who used to service Mrs. Washington’s rides. She is a diva, demands what she wants, and DOES NOT take no for an answer. But, she is beautiful and even prettier in person.

    • Guest

      She did not want to put up with a half a$$ job.

    • Gee Gee

      So, she’s demanding aren’t a lot of celebrities, and strong minded women. Oh b/c she’s a black women she’s suppose to be seen and not heard. I don’t think so. Blacks have come a long way to be taken seriously.

  • Patty

    I love it that he won’t do a love scene with another woman! Way to stand for something Denzel!!!! I admire him in so many ways an that’s a big one for me! Hollywood is a terrible place for infidelity.

    • Nina

      He did one with Sanaa Lathan in Out of Time.

      • Gee Gee

        Thank you, and there was gossip of him having an affair w/ Sanaa Lathan which almost broke up the Washington’s. He also cheated w/a white woman, and had he left he would’ve had to pay out to much money, and word was that his acting career may have suffered like Wesley Snipes b/c Denzel has a very large black female following. So, he stayed put in his marriage. You guys need to keep up b/c that’s old news. Pauletta backed his career, and kept them afloat while he pursued his acting career when he wasn’t famous. So, she was there from the beginning and I’m sure a judge would acknowledge that and give Pauletta more than half of his money. He may not have been the Denzel we all know and love.

  • Barbara Quinn

    Nice looking family. Denzel and Pauletta look like the ideal family.

  • L.


    • Tracy

      Cause the brother loves himself!!!!

  • yaegerj

    There should be an award given specifically to all Black men in the entertainment, sports, and other venues who stay with Black women, for a long period of time

  • Youknowwhatiitis

    Gorgeous family!