Mommy Fab: Erykah Badu’s Badass Accessory Game

erykah jewelry

The formidable fashionista and artisan Erykah Badu is personally one of my all time fave and frankly I could do endless blog posts on her head-to-toe innovative style. But today we will take a moment to admire her statement accessories from hair feathers to flying earrings to her signature metal lifesized arm cuffs created by the talented Lorraine Natasha West.  

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  • dddooonnnttt

    Ya’ll couldn’t find Hi-Res pics??

  • Michelle

    Love her! Erykah I would love for you to be my midwife, If I ever have another child but I don’t live in Texas. How would someone go about this? Please send info on so that your fans can now..

  • kaykay20

    Her style is truly effortless…loves her