Zahara Jolie-Pitt: 18 Photos Of The Fashionista In the Making

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Zahara Jolie-Pitt is certainly becoming quite the fashionista! From colorful braids to bold leggings to swoon-worthy coats, this girl gets it in! Click on through!

Zahara Jolie-Pitt: 18 Photos Of The Fashionista In the Making

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    • Sarah

      You are dumb!!!!

    • Jan


    • Pennylane22

      You are an Ugly TROLL! Please post your pic.. bet you and your offspring look like you belong in Lord Of The Rings!

    • What?

      She is a gorgeous child and always has been. You’re deranged.

  • Lisa

    Beautiful!! Her whole family is Beautiful!

  • Jae

    You just had to say it Janette, guess that”s the reason for them looking out her feature if most rich look out for the ugly children the world would be a better place!

  • Andy

    Janette’s perception is not unusual. At 4, Albert Einstein’s teacher “saw” him and said “he’ll not amount to much” just because he couldn’t speak. I bet if you see this cute girl in a few years time, you’ll be blown away.

  • Marbles471

    I hate things like this. “Fashionista in the making?” What the hell? She’s a LITTLE GIRL. Why do people have this obnoxious need to project stuff like this onto children who are just being themselves? There’s something really twisted about it.

  • Ironweeds

    How do these people afford all these kids and their lifestyle; neither of them have been in a movie of any consequence in a long time.

    • Pennylane22

      LMAO.. Trust and believe.. both Brad and Angelina have been making movies and getting top rate for YEARS.. they could probably NEVER make another movie and still afford the kids and their lifestyle for the rest of their lives. Its called “INVESTING” your $$. Lots of movie starts invest in high end real estate.. buy, fix and flip for huge profit. So yeah, don’t start passing the collection plate for them just yet..

  • judyt00

    except of course the nanny chooses her clothes, not her

    • Pennylane22

      SMH.. YOU know this b/c YOU live with them… People are hilarious. Just have to say SOMETHING Negative.

      • judyt00

        are you really stupid enough to think a they’d let their kids pick out anything they wear?

    • P.D.

      Not true, Angelina constantly gets flack because ignorant people don’t think she should allow Shiloh to wear “boy” clothing. You have NO idea what you’re talking about. You just want to bash someone you’re obviously jealous of because you’re a miserable person.

      • judyt00

        and you know all about them because you are a close personal friend? No, I didn’t think so. kids that age who have famous parents and nannys don;t pick their own clothes when not at home. its all about looking good in front of the camera. and no, I’m not jealous, I feel sorry for the kids being paraded around like trophies.

  • disqus_crpnXU2ut2

    How one looks is an accident of birth, but stupid thoughts expressed are their total responsibility.