Hair Flow:15 Spring-Fresh Mohawk Hairstyles


Mohawk hairstyles are here to stay, steady trending and still going strong, giving way to the fierce fro-hawk for the naturalistas and extra vivid colors for the relaxed set. This Spring/Summer get ready to take your hawk to new heights. Enjoy!

15 Spring-Fresh Mohawk Hairstyles

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  • Emvied

    Sorry but none of those are work friendly ….I was looking forward to see some creative everyday styles because I love Mohawks (especially frohawks) but these are a little to extra for me

    • dionne

      The first two are actually risqué and pretty at the same time. My fav is actually the first one, but I probably cant pull it off because I’m a little darker and 100% natural. Anyway I work in healthcare records dept. no one really sees us so we get away with a lot.