Meet Whoopi Goldberg’s Daughter Alex Martin

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At the age of 18, in 1973 Whoopi Goldberg gave birth to her daughter Alexandria Martin. Alexandria had a few small roles in films growing up, most recently she was in the news for allegedly being engaged to music producer and reality TV star Stevie J. Alex's mother Whoopi Goldberg quickly dispelled those rumors on Twitter and called the rumors "crap." Take a look at  Whoopi's only child after the jump:

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  • Hunh


    • LLLLLL

      because some people never met her before and are interested like myself

  • Margrett Brown

    Beautiful just like her mother. Same mega watt smile.

    • Guest

      That’s beauty? I’ve seen better looking trannies.

      • Margrett Brown

        How big are your paychecks when you go to the bank? How big is your house? Can you tour the country in a modified bus with a hired driver? Do you have a chauffeur? Does anyone know your name? Can you go and board any plane any time and travel the world over without being on a payment plan?? She lives pretty good to not look the way society says she has to look. Again “Beautiful just like her mother”!!! All you haters get like her then talk your ugly talk. You have ugly souls.

        • Teabagh8r

          I agree Margrett. I have always loved whoopi. Her daughter is beautiful….just like her mother.

          • Margrett Brown

            So sad we are totally caught up in the European standard of beauty net. You have to look like Hallie Barry, Miss Keys,etc.

        • Guest

          I am not caught up like that or concerned about what ugly Whoopie does with her life. Stop watching daytime TV, it was only a comment. Geeezzz, women.

          • K Dubb

            She’s still ugly, and her daughter…
            That don’t mean she’s not nice.

          • sojourner

            Ugly is, is what ugly does; Ugly is relative, which means that you seem to fit the bill more than most!

          • Margrett Brown

            Geeezzz, funky butt wile coyote it was only a comment!! And she’s not caught up or concerned with what you do with your life.

          • wile coyote

            I’m glad she isn’t she doesn’t pay my bills, so I truly could care less, but you seem to, get off her kotex string, female. Geeezzz, women.

          • Karen Fridie-Burke

            Your comment only describes who you are. Be careful of the words you throw out, unlike a kite, you cannot haul them back in. Too many kids today are so traumatized by the words of others, that they take their lives.

      • Karen Fridie-Burke

        How you see things and people, says what your inner soul IS. Simple!

  • november19

    she looks just like her mom



      • Guest


  • Liberals have no morals

    Ugly seems to run in Whoopies genes.

  • rob

    ugly ugly

    • Margrett Brown

      When were you last on television with fat paycheck and a hit show to show your “beautiful/handsome” face and talent? Have you had a hit broadway show lately? What’s your name?

  • slayer44

    Weird, her daughter looks like Elton John. Is that Dennis Rodman opposite her?

  • tuttifrutti3

    Calling Whoopi and her daughter ugly is such an immature thing to do. Why are people so “catty?” Say something positive or perhaps… say nothing! Also, why do people hide behind avatars?

    • dog

      Yep, Whoopi is one ugly girl or boy?

    • Linda

      tutti…..they do it for attention. Some people like to shock or disgust and do not have viable social outlets to garner self-worth. Just ignore them don’t feed into their little game of viciousness. :)

    • Kassie

      People are not “catty” when they are expressing an opinion which might not be in agreement with yours.

    • Honeybee60

      The people are not “catty,” they are ignorant! Also, ugly people call other people ugly because they can’t accept the fact that they are ugly too!

    • JennaTelya

      Two no talent tree swingers like all you shezillas.oh yeah those skunk apes are uglier than sin !

  • American Knight

    Ah, Elton John, . . . an overrated, grumpy old queen.

  • Ken3580

    It just amazes me that our country is still standing with people like that voting. But it probably won’t be for long. We’re on the precipice of total economic collapse and anarchy.

  • Is_Mort

    Whoopi sure does dress like a bum for being a multi multi millinaire.

    • nouri shabazz

      Whoppi looks filthy and dresses like a bag woman. Can’t she pay to have that gap in her daughter’s teeth fixed?

      • sojourner

        What needs fixing on you and the rest of the faux beauty cops posted besides new personalities?

  • curiousV

    I say she is pretty and has a sweet smile. She does favor her mother. It is the ugly on the inside of people that worry me.

    • Margrett Brown

      Love your comment. Some in society has set the “standard” for what is defined as beautiful and pretty. So sad we cannot get beyond that “so called” beauty standard.

  • ImALadyToo

    I don’t care for Whoopi, but she always looks dirty to me.

  • Guest

    Who would hit that? Ewwww!!! She doesn’t like black men, so you know her daughter is mixed.

    • karen mallory

      Her daughter is by Whoopi’s first husband and he is a black man,’
      Where did you get that lie?

      • Margrett Brown

        Thanks for setting that wile coyote straight!!

    • karen mallory

      She is a very attractive lady to some men.

      • Guest

        I’m sure, I see ‘alot’ of ugly women with children. A man can throw some hair around a knothole and have fun. And she doesn’t like black men.

    • terrinyc29

      Alex is not mixed, Alex father was black light skinned man.
      People are saying they are ugly because Whooping dates white, if she dated black folks wouldn’t hate

    • Karen Fridie-Burke

      Who cares? There are many black women who chose to be with white men and white women, with black, It’s not about the color of one’s skin, but about attraction and hopefully love.

  • Ebony

    And her “ugly behind” can it and sell all of you making negative comments.

    • Connie

      Where will Miss whoopee spend eternity??

  • BahoPuwet

    whoa…… she’s NOT pretty

    • janeyre

      DahoPuwet, I hope that isn’t a picture of you… You sure are funny looking…

      • Janet Lim Nakaw-Poles

        that’s his real picture…… he is ur father

  • Nieue10

    Regardless of what you think of Whoopie-she has NEVER conformed to Hollywood’s idea of “beauty”. But in the meantime-she has ALWAYS worked on tv/movies/Las Vegas/disney & etc.. You can not say that for even Halle Berry & the rest of the “pretty actresses”. So it is what it is-“beauty is only skin deep” & if you ain’t got it in Hollywood-you just don’t have it……Go Whoopie!!!!!!!!!

  • What a Shame!

    Well damn, her WHITE HUSBANDS AND BOYFIENDS DIDN’T THINK SHE WAS UGLY! now let’s see : Dunst, Claire danes, michelle pfiefffer, paltrow, ewwwww now if I let u tell it they are pretty too. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. thank you.

    • Connie

      So True

  • Barbara LeVan

    they are not ugly, but why does whoopi refuse to look feminine – ever? i don’t get it. even during the academy awards, her dresses looked awful on her. i just wish she would change her appearance so that we could see another side to her. i am a big fan of hers and think she is great, but i’m tired of the sloppy look.

    • Karen Fridie-Burke

      No, I wouldn’t dress like her, but this is her choice. If she’s comfortable this way, we must accept her, as I think that like us, she is human…therefore, who are we to criticize and condemn God’s creation.

  • lorraine gill

    My deepest sympathies, Alex.

  • RHO1953

    I think the daughter is pretty, much more so than her mom, but c’mon, nobody has any control over their looks, or their height.

  • William Curtis Lindsay

    You look just like your uncle Dwight: smile and all.

  • harrykuheim

    Who was so Drunk they screwed that revolting thang’?

  • noratee

    Both beautiful! Whoopi is awesome, she does life on her terms, love and admire that she gives no merit to the standards of others.

  • Leland Whitehouse

    There were parts in the movie GHOST that would have brought me to tears but then there was Whoopi’s humor in perfect balance.

  • blackspeak

    Good Lawd they is some homely a** dogs. Kick them sows to the curb, we get the white womens.