Major Beef: Hollywood Friendships That Went Sour


We hate to see good friendships end, but things happen and sometimes they get ugly. The following celebrity friendships that went sour have been highly publicized, these stars who were once friends have slammed each other in interviews or songs. Take a look:

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  • Beckster14

    Lol if I was a guy and some other turned to me and said flat out “I love you” I would say “Get the f*** out my face” too.
    I’m will Bill on this one

    • randomtandem


    • SHY


  • hiimcliff

    Nikki Minaj stole Lil Kim’s whole Barbie gimmick and ran with it. Then has the nerve to come for her neck… with a stolen swag. She’s the epitome of corny. Down the colorful wigs.

    • randomtandem


  • njoyabl

    Okay, Duane Martin is gay.
    Who is interviewing Raz-B and why?
    The Fugees really F-ed up!
    Didn’t Kim know Nicki was jocking her style before that pic?
    Lindsay Lohan has a point when it comes to Amanda!
    Kandy, aren’t we being a little bitter?
    Russell, you can’t shade a man and expect him to have love for you TF you think this is?! GTFOH!!

    • Dr. Mike

      Lindsay’s situation is MUCH different than Amanda Byne’s. Lindsay is an addict that resulted in so VERY bad choices, Amanda is actually SERIOUSLY ill. She is hospitalized in a psych ward against her will and has been declared mentally incompetent. BIG difference!

    • randomtandem

      YEAH! true about Russel! and people always wanna shade folks in public then apologize in private! NO BUENO

    • Dymond Lancaster

      I agree. Maybe just maybe Cosby didn’t believe the apology was sincere! I’m sure the NAACP also didn’t buy his apology over the video of a supposed Harriet Tubman having sex with a White plantation owner that he linked to his twitter account.

  • Dymond Lancaster

    Where has it ever been written or said that LisaRaye and Elise Neal were friends? I hate stories like this. It was well known that Neal quit the show after Raye’s character became more prominent in the episodes because Lisa was very popular with fans. The show lasted 2 more seasons after Neal quit.

  • godsent224

    Raz B never claimed Marquise Houston raped him. I fuqing hate these sites. All they do is tell lies. Tell the true story. Raz B claims him and Marquise were taking advantage of. smmfh.

  • Mike

    You Negroes entertain me. Keep up the good work playas.

  • Eric Matterson

    Cosby must of really been heated. He don’t normally cuss; LOL

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  • Anonymous

    “Raz-B accused Marques Houston and a few others of raping him when he was younger”

    What the hell

  • shy

    lol bill cosby ..ahhahaha