#RIP Lee Thompson Young: Black Hollywood Says Goodbye


Best known for his role as the adorable Jett Jackson on the Disney show The Famous Jett Jackson, Lee Thompson Young committed suicide on August 19, 2013. "It is with great sadness that I announce that Lee Thompson Young tragically took his own life this morning," said manager Jonathan Baruch. "Lee was more than just a brilliant young actor, he was a wonderful and gentle soul who will be truly missed. We ask that you please respect the privacy of his family and friends at this difficult time." Many Hollywood stars including Tia Mowry, Gabrielle Union and Meagan Good poured their hearts out at the news by tweeting and sharing stories about their time with Young. Take a look:

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  • If a rapper had a brain

    Disney destroyed another child actor. I’m telling you those Disney ears is a pentagram in disguise.

    • Terrell Thompson

      Smh here we go again. Ignorance still floating around at its finest. YouTube conspiracies. Terrible.

      • KC

        Yeah cuz we all know conspiracies don’t exist. I mean why did they even make up the word?

  • kellystace

    this boy was so beautiful and Meagan Good went in with her condolences

    • MsTighteyesisbackb!tches

      ikr she aint like he popped her cherry or somethin who knows maybe he did lol

      • Breonna VII

        Lmfao dead

      • randomtandem

        or maybe they were really friends and not just “hollywood friends” so she really feels the loss

  • MilaJ

    So sorry for his pain, My prayers go to his family.

  • Mary

    These people need to start talking to the people they “love” so much before they commit suicide. Maybe if more people were actively interested in people’s lives people would not get so depressed and things like this would not happen.

    • spachic

      We can all sit here and speculate or play the blame game. We don’t know and will ever know what drive someone to take there own life, but anyone who’s ever suffer from depression and have it under control can sit here and elaabroate on this matter. let me just say no one wants to talk about it, and even if we do you will never understand.

      • Mary

        My post was grammatically incorrect. I meant that the people who are now coming out and saying how much they love the person needed to talk to that person more often. I’m not a person who has been untouched by depression. I know what it feels like; I know the isolation that happens and I also know how I feel when I have someone to talk to and when others are not ‘turned off’ by being around someone who may not be having the best of days. A lot of times people are not interested in being around someone who is depressed so the depressed person learns to hide their depressed mood which is why people (especially those who rarely talked to them outside events and television sets) are “surprised” when suicide happens. It’s tragic and it’s preventable if people cared more about one another rather than reaching out to give a statement or a tweet or showing up for the one day event of the funeral after the fact. This country is full of people who hide from interacting with people on various levels and actors are not immune from this anti-social behavior. America is spiraling toward being one of the most isolationist societies on earth and more of this kind of thing may be likely to happen to young (and older) people who feel they have no other way to communicate how hurt they are.

  • Run

    Wow…just way too young…

  • Pasquale Fandango

    Why would they say “Black Hollywood” ? Can I grieve also ? , he was a great actor, added to the show, and to this day when we watch the show, it’s a sad reminder that he’s gone