Successful Black Hollywood Families: Meet The Smolletts


All of Jazz Smollet's siblings joined her on her wedding day.

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  • Nene

    Gorgeous and fine Black family. They are still close after all these years I love to see a very close tight knit family. Rather it be someone I know or in the industry I love to see families that stick together.

    • ClassyInHtown

      Gorgeous and fine “biracial” family.

      • sunny

        Yes they are biracial a mixture of two races, but they are still considered Black. Black is part of their make-up, they can’t say white. People need to realize that just bc someone says Black doesn’t mean that they aren’t mixed. Blacks have mixed bloodlines and biracial ancestors. Africans considered themselves to be pure and Blacks not. My grandmother is biracial, but when she’s with her white family/friends she is the black woman. Blacks comes in all shades, different hair textures, and features. So you don’t know whose biracial or not. When the Obamas are out the president appears to be black with his family.

        • ItMustBeJelly

          Whites have mixed bloodlines too. So they can be a white family too by your logic. More proof race is non-existent.

  • jenn

    i did not know they were bi-racial



      • Coldtruth

        After yours

      • DaisyDooks

        The Smollet offspring ARE genetically biracial. What’s the problem with this acknowledgement?

      • ClassyInHtown

        Why is that considered dumb? Black people come in all shades. We can’t always tell if someone is biracial.

  • Anesha Johnson

    They’re all gorgeous….I remember the show they had on tv….<3

  • Mary

    Those waterdown things are not Black!

    • A.H.

      What the…are you serious?

    • Nicole

      Just disgusting!! They are people, human beings not things and they are Black whether you like it or not!

      • Mary

        Whether you like it not (and I know a lot of sambos don’t), you are what your father is. God made it that way according to the Bible. Lineage is determined by the SEED of the father. Get over it.

        • Mel

          You’re an idiot!

          • Mary

            And… I bet you’re either: 1. An Edomite (whom God hates anyway) or 2. Some sambo chasing these Edomites. Either way, your protests don’t do a thing against the truth. These Smollets are the children of an Amalekite father (those white FAKE jews). And they are what their father is. The only hope will be for the female children – if they marry so-called black men. But the boys in that family are doomed to the same fate as Edomites/Amalekites because they are what their father is.


          • Jacara Fatin

            You are an ignorant little troll. Shame on you.

          • JustSaying_IMFO

            Judaism is passed through the mother.

          • Mary

            “Judiasm is passed through the mother” – JustSaying_IMFO

            Only for those who do not follow the Torah or the Bible. If you are a true Israelite and someone who follows Hebrew traditions, in both Holy books the lineage for Israel in the Torah and the Bible is through the paternal line which is why all of the 12 Tribes are named after the MEN born to Jacob (who later became known as “Israel”). Jacob/Israel also had a daughter. If the lineage of being a Jew were passed through maternally, it would have started with her. But there is no such thing for the Torah and Bible. So try not to keep lying about the Torah and Bible and how nationality is passed down by BOTH books.

          • JustSaying_IMFO

            Judaism/”Jewishness” is passed through the mother because even thousands of years ago, people realized that it’s easy to know who the mother is as she is the one who gives birth. There is no guarantee who the daddy is.

            Thus, if your mother is Jewish, you are automatically considered a
            member of the Jewish faith. If your mother is not Jewish, you must

            It is assumed tribal affiliation that is via the father. I say assumed because again, there is no guarantee as to who your daddy is.

            Tribal affiliation and religious affiliation are two separate things. So next time, before accusing someone of lying be sure you understand exactly what is being discussed.

          • Mary


            “JewISH” derives from the name “Jew” and “Jew” derives from the name of a man named “Judah”.

            Judah was the son (not the daughter) of the man Israel.

            The scriptures are a record of a people – the Israelites who were made up of the 12 SONS of a man named Israel.

            All tribes were named after the MEN because the lineage/”Tribal Affiliation” of being an Israelite (not just a “Jew”, the head tribe that you fake jews love to pretend you are), is passed down via the seed of the man – the paternal line, not the maternal line.

            You were called a liar because that’s exactly what you are.

          • GreekGodEricCassimos

            ur a retard

        • DaisyDooks

          This is theological, patriarchal rubbish—not scientific. Human genes are XX/XY NOT YX/YY. NATURE is scientific because it is based on NUMBERS. The BUY-BULL’s fabrication and plagiarization from authentic AfRAkan sources has been an effective tool in emotionally brainwashing humanity into stupidity.

      • DaisyDooks

        Human beings ARE differentiated through GENETIC MARKERS. Mutations DID occur and cause the formation of OTHER races. The FIRST and PRIME humans on THIS planet were AfRAkan–whose bioKMTstry produces BLACKNESS in the form of melanin/melatonin.

        The Smollet children are biracial–not Black. They are welcomed members in our AfRAkan family because they possess our DNA.

    • Nanaya Biness

      Things??? That is a terrible and disgusting thing to say.

    • GreekGodEricCassimos

      ur a bitch…..probably an ugly one.

    • ItMustBeJelly

      Neither are you!

  • Taunya73

    I have always loved them. They have a beautiful family and seem to only get better as time goes by.

  • Nic

    this was horrible. it would’ve been better if they did a then and now split pic of all of them.

    • cole5267

      I agree, this was awful. I stopped after the 5th photo. And “Mary”, I’ll pray for you. Because you seem to be a sad individual with major self-hating issues.

  • dthompson1313

    Beautiful then, Beautiful now.

  • Eric Hulk Brown

    What the heck with the stupid comments they are doing better than most of you evil racist jerks.

  • blkfootblaque8

    I kept telling people that this girl whole family was on TV, nobody believed me, or turn their head as if I didn’t know what I was talking about. I remember seeing them not in this series, they appeared on a talk show. There is another family, (last name Givens, not Robin’s family) that has a little sister who sings. The little girl is chubby, dark skinned, I believe she sang on Star search, (not the Parkers) they suddenly quit. Do anyone know who I’m talking about? What happened to them?

    • Jordan

      Yes I do remember. They were on What’s Happening.

      • blkfootblaque8

        Thank you soooo much. You are very smart. NOW….I have to go fix some faces of the non-believers. LOL

    • jazzygirl

      I remember my gripe with party of five. It resembled their show too damn much.

      i loved this show, remembered all of them and looked out for them over the yrs on tv.

  • Dark Matter

    Yes meet the mollusks. A fambly of black parasites feeding off the white man’s taxes. Oh that’s all ya’all my mistake.

  • Tyrome Jenks

    Meet the family of them pipe hittin sistas and the brothas that rape them! Grab ya forties bishes and enjoy the mokeyshines and tnb!

  • Guest