Happy Birthday Michael Jackson: Young Michael Jackson’s Baddest Afros


As Michael Jackson's 56th birthday approaches us it's hard not to realize how much he is missed. From his signature frontal curl, to his eccentric fashion - down to his music. While some critics may complain about Jackson's appearance including the way he styled his hair, it's hard not to admit that his hair was laid in his later years! Let's rewind and take a look at some of his baddest Afro moments.

Afrolicious: Young Michael Jackson's Baddest Afros

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  • Jessica Wilson

    It’s a shame how people change their appearances. Michael was more handsome with copper brass skin and his natural nose.

  • http://twitter.com/briancandoit Brian

    I crazy how much I love this man even though I never even met him. He’s just been one if those celebs thats like a family member. I don’t remember a time where I didn’t know who he was.

    • D Man

      That’s unfortunate, because if you happen to be black, he didn’t return that love. MJ was a self-hating black man. He had three pretend children, none of the black. Bleached his skin. Had plastic surgery to look more white. It’s a good thing we don’t have more like him, we couldn’t survive that much self-hate….

      • http://twitter.com/briancandoit Brian

        Speak for yourself bruh. That man has enhanced my life with his music. I don’t care what color his skin he was. Its some dark mf’ers out here that are shuckin and jivin and turnin their back on black people. Color of your skin don’t matter. Look up MJ’s credentials and then get at me.

  • ShelbyMoore

    That’s a bad a$s afro for real….and I like this nose better than the one he could barely breath out of. Stupid as$ family…there was nothing wrong with them…they all hate their blackness.

    • dev2008

      Those close to Michael said he didn’t want to look like Joe Jackson at all. Plus he really did have that skin disease. It’s so sad be disfigured himself, but so many abused kids do.

  • On_Point

    It hurts my heart that his parents päwned his innocence out to n4sty pë d0 p ĥil e industry execs because they were hungry for a fûçkn dollar. *smh* He used to have “sick spells” after spending alone time in the “studio” recording and his mom and dad turned a blind eye. smh* He used to have “sick spells” after spending alone time in the “studio” recording and his mom and dad turned a blind eye.

    • Mia C

      Think he was m0lested? That would explain a lot. Something terrible and tragic happened, that’s for sure.

  • LeeLeeC

    This dude had the prettiest hair, beautiful skin, handsome natural features, and the most saddest dead eyes ever even with a smile. I would rather be poor, than live the life he had because I’m sure it was HELL