Natural Hairstyles For Work: 15 Fab Looks


Updos, curly twistouts, blonde loc bobs, close cropped waves, braided buns and more are just a few of the fab natural hairstyles for work we've featured today!  Click on through and see what you can recreate for the 9-5.

All images courtesy of Pinterest

Natural Hairstyles For Work: 15 Fab Looks

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    if my non-Black/AA female colleagues can wear there hair ‘THEIR’ natural hair
    just, out…no do, no cut, no coif, no style…
    then ‘I’ expect to do the same gotdamn thing, which means wearing what’s call a fro!

    i call bullsh*t on this E-N-T-I-R-E post for not featuring big full one. ;-(

    • guest

      Trust me lost of non-black women are not natural. They dye, flat iron and curl too. Their hair is not that great when nothing extra is done.

    • TbeeZ


    • Gee Gee

      Exactly, the Afro & Corn Rows/braids have represented the African American culture, and white people e.g. Bo Derek, & today white celebs still copy the Corn Rows to this day w/o success. And, who’s to tell Black people whats appropriate when it comes to black hair styles its not their styles. Susan B. Taylor have worn neat thin Corn Rows for many years and probably still do to set an example, and she’s a beautiful woman.

  • guest

    Well I like that styles they were all beautiful. You can’t wear a “fro”all the time you need to protect your hair. Thanks for the post :-)

    • JustNo.

      And yet all but one style featured women that had short hair. What are those of us who aren’t scissor-happy or new to the bandwagon supposed to do?

  • TbeeZ

    These ladies are all beautiful I know that! Natural women are always so dang gorgeous

  • Jay Lamont


  • Goddessunthesun

    I love number 4 and 14, 16 is a regular style for me.

  • Naturalist

    Soooooo people with short hair don’t exist anymore?

  • rashid noman

    my face is ovel shape and i love my hair back and down and wht moose and hair spray in my hair!!