Natural Hairstyles For Work: 15 Fab Looks

What do you do with your hair when you are late for work and don’t have the luxury of long hair styling session. Irrespective of your hair type, color, length and texture you need help for that clean groomed look when you step out for work. Your hairstyle must be appropriate to the place your work and that is why you need that extra help when you want to work your natural hair into a style that pleases you while enhancing your overall look.

Updos, curly twistouts, blonde loc bobs, close cropped waves, braided buns and more are just a few of the fab natural hairstyles for work we’ve featured today!  Click on through and see what you can recreate for the 9-5.

Let’s begin with Braided updos. They are chic and appropriate for almost all occasions. It is easy and neat and based on the nature of your job you can add jewels to your braids.

High buns once again are no-nonsense kind of hairstyles which keep the errant hair away from bored hands and will ensure that your hair always looks prim and proper. When accessorized with pearls they are outright elegant.

Low twisted buns are most ideal for lazy mornings or when you are short of time. A few extra twists and turns and you can make the mundane bun more interesting even as it rests on the nape of your neck. In fact, these buns are coming back into fashion.

Braided buns add little more character to your hair and you can have another quick style in your pocket for last minute rush.

Gibson tucks are another favorite with office goers because they are quick, simple and classy. A few bobby pins are all that you need to hold the hair in place. you can experiment a bit for your own unique style.

High Puffs work on all hair lengths and textures and can be made by even those who have poor hair styling skills.

Long sleek locks suit anyone and everyone and all hair textures. These do need some maintenance; keep them moisturized and healthy. Do not use the blow dryer on high heat for your loss.

Cropped waves are the trend now and most ideal for work; you can decide how short you want and what kind of ripple effect to display. I like it and you want to embrace this millennial look there is no dearth for styles and tips on the internet.