Eartha Kitt’s Daughter Honors Her Mother’s Legacy

Sean Kennedy

As a kid, I saw Eartha cast as one of three “Catwoman” characters on TV’s “Batman series. It was novel, since she was the ONLY black on the program, and landed one of the lead roles. Her interpretation was novel and drove adolescent boys crazy with the way she growled. I don’t know if it was meant to be a purr; if so, she was more a tigress than a cat.

According to Eartha Kitt’s daughter, the world-famous singer could never find out the identity of her true father. Her daughter stated that the father’s name was protected until the end and the officials might not have done the same had the father being a black man. We are talking about the early 20th century where there was still discrimination based on color. The tragedy of Eartha’s life was that she was not accepted by the blacks or the white because of her light skin – her mother was a black while her father was a white, whose identify till this day remains a mystery. Her childhood was tragic with her always being treated like an outcast and abused and beaten.

Despite an impoverished childhood, Eartha was educated in her own right and she believed travel was the best way to get educated and took her daughter in all her travels. She ensured that Shapiro knew there was a world beyond Beverly Hills.

Shapiro too had her share of controversy with enough literature online claiming she is not Eartha’s real child because she doesn’t look colored like her mother.

Why is it so difficult to accept or understand interracial relationships and why are the offsprings often subject to humiliation and isolation by others? Thankfully, over the last few decades, the perspective of the people on mixed race progeny has improved and there are lesser incidents of violence against this section of the society. Initially, people believed that there will be a lack of compatibility between races and cultures but as is seen from history it is not so much the race but matters relating to finances that eventually lead to problems in all here for more information on Eartha.


dam! her daughter looks nothing like her! but that’s what happen when you mix!!! for good hair!! DaisyDooks

If not mistaken, Eartha Kitt was also biracial–the product of an interracial couple. Generations breed darker or lighter. Her progeny chose the latter—with Anglo-Jews.