Meet Their Kids: Tisha Campbell Martin’s Adorable Sons


Tisha Campbell Martin and actor Duane Martin have been married for over 15 years. Together they have two sons Xen and Ezekiel Czar. Their eldest son Xen was diagnosed with autism. Since the diagnosis, the family has been on a mission  to raise awareness about the disorder. They told PEOPLE magazine in 2009 that Xen worked with occupational, speech and behavior therapists 40 hours a week. With that help, over the years Xen's autism has become manageable.

Tisha told ESSENCE in August 2013:

"Xen was non-verbal; he would flap his arms and rock back and forth. He’s never been in a special needs class because I wanted him to model after typical kids and now he’s a typical kid. He has a girlfriend and he is now speaking. You can’t shut him up. He says, ‘I used to be autistic and don’t be telling my girlfriend I used to be autistic either."

Tisha later welcomed another son 8 years later, Ezekiel Czar who to Tisha and Duane's relief showed no early signs of autism. Take a look at Tisha Campbell Martin's beautiful family and how big her kids are getting:


Meet Their Kids: Tisha Campbell Martin's Adorable Sons

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  • The “Orginal” TbeeZ

    I could of swore they had a girl

    • michele

      I thought they did too

  • HoneybLex

    Beautiful family

    • catherine_gold

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  • Reese

    She’s ignorant for not wanting her nonverbal son in a special needs class. There is nothing wrong with special ed. There is a stigma in the black community about special ed.

    • ShaBerry14

      i think she meant that she wanted her son to see the other kids as an example and model after them. I can understand what she is saying. its not negative or ignorant.

      • Reese

        She is wealthy. Being in regular ed helped but she isn’t telling the whole truth about the young mans journey. I don’t believe he just sat in regular ed and started talking

        • TfromDC

          Yes, she’s wealthy and she used that to help her son. I think u missed part of the paragraph…it reads: “They told PEOPLE magazine in 2009 that Xen worked with occupational, speech and behavior therapists 40 hours a week. With that help, over the years Xen’s autism has become manageable”.

    • Candy

      You can’t call a person ignorant because she didn’t want her child in a special Ed class. Whatever she did it worked and he is doing good.

      • Reese

        It worked for her but she is a millionaire also.

        • Candy

          Okay it doesn’t matter if she a millionaire she dont have to be ignorant. Whatever she did it worked for her son and she don’t owe anybody an explanation.

          • Reese

            You don’t know about autism so I don’t have to go back and forth with you. You are a Martin and My wife and kids fan. I get it. I’m talking about Autism and special Ed. You are coming from a different place.

          • Candy

            My nephew has autism and I am his fan. So talk what you know !!!!

          • Reese

            I’m a fan of your nephew and all children on the Autism spectrum. My son has Autism. That’s what I know. That’s my life.

          • Candy

            I am your son fan and he is my hero!!!

          • Reese

            That really means a lot. Thanks.

          • Candy

            U welcome :)

        • Youknowwhatiitis

          Shut the hell up…

    • am

      I believe this is the best solution for kids with special needs who can be managed and have all the resources they need to be successful. Special needs individuals have to learn how to live in the real world some of them won’t always live with their parents. Good for the Martin family.

      • Reese

        I agree. You should mainstream you child as much as possible. Special Ed is great for nonverbal kid as well

  • love

    You the only one who knows ur child best and if you feel your child dosent need to be in the class thats what you do,, dont accept what people tell you all the time…thats the problem….the doctors makes mistakes sometimes too.

    • Candy


    • Reese

      I’m sure he had speech therapy and ABA therapy. It wasn’t magic. He had help along the way. He had a mainstream education but therapy no doubt.

    • Prettyreddbone

      So true. When my son was in private school everything was fine but when I sent him to public school they tried to label my son as having ADHD. The problem was my son was use to a much smaller class size and he participated much more but in public school there are so many kids that class participation is not really appreciated if the child is too inquisitive. Long story short, dont let others label and make decisions for YOUR child.

  • Candy

    Handsome boys!!!! Raise your kids in a nice safe environment. If you feel your son didn’t need special then you know your son better than anyone. Now he is doing great and that is all that matters.

  • Mississippi Librarian

    They have done an excellent job keeping these kids out of the spotlight. Hopefully they will grow up well adjusted and happy and the eldest will reach his full potential. Good Job Tisha and Dwayne.

  • PolkaDots

    Cute kids!!!!

  • tintin

    I just love these two together, they’ve been together so long and show that black love can work and be positive. They’re sons are too cute!! LOve it

  • Barbara Bryant

    Xen looks like his dad

  • Angel G

    Im late but I heard she was bi-sexual. Is that really true??

  • catherine_gold

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  • Guestest

    Love Tisha! She’s so talented. Nice family =)

  • Doll Phace

    They look just like her!! Adorbs!!!!

  • Jay Lamont


  • Fresh45

    Awesome to read their son is doing well. He looks just like Duane.

  • Natasha Evans

    Omg……He looks like the both of them……ADORABLE

    • Unyquely Kim

      I agree. They have physical traits of both parents.

  • Bob

    Great story, however, Martin = singlar person with that surname , Martins = two people of the same family with that surname, Martins’ not Martin’s is correct when referring to the couple’s children or material possessions.

  • papaya

    beautiful family ….. I will always love her as Gina, on Martin. #classic show

  • Hill Candy

    Tisha, look like lady who does “sister to sister” magazine Jamie I think thats her name

  • gdoubleu

    awhh- they’re cute.