Parents who are sick of toy advertisers pushing specific items to boys and others to girls are getting their wish, at least in the UK.

The most intriguing part while shopping for a toy to gift for kids birthday is to differentiate between the girly dolls and the guns and cars toys as our brain is conditioned to know that if a toy is for girl child then it has to be a doll or tea set. Trying to get away from the extreme marketing technique, used to differentiate and make a gender is how it is judged today. There should be no limits for the kids to play specific games with certain toys that make the kids curious to know what it is like to play with toys that are clearly demarcated.

The idea behind the kids to play with toys is to develop various skill sets and benefit with positive influence. Playing is essential for kids to grow and develop a lot of skills. Toys mostly focus on the action, expression, and understanding of a non-living object. With the next generation having access to many new games from the gaming consoles and internet there is role reversal and inclusive definition of gender-free toys that are popular.

Check out this hyperlink for the best reviews of toys for kids of all age group without having any gender-specific tags that have gained momentum of late. Kids have the liberty to choose what they feel and want to play with, rather than having the toy companies taking the huge advantage of gender tagging and selling similar toys with different price labels. Children need to connect with every element of life; inequalities and then they themselves create preferences to love a certain type of toy.

The parent-led campaign Let Toys Be Toys successfully got Toys “R” Us to use more inclusive marketing for their toys.

According to the group’s press release:

In response to the campaign, Toys R Us decided they will be more inclusive in their marketing efforts, which includes removing gender references in their stores. Future toy advertisements will show boys and girls playing with the same toys. Girls will play with guns, and boys will be seen playing in kitchens. Managing Director Roger McLaughlan said they will take further steps after meeting with representatives from Let Toys Be Toys.