On Eartha Kitt’s earth consciousness:

Eartha was her given name, I really think there was a reason they gave it to her. She was as of the earth or about the earth as anybody I’ve ever seen.

The trailblazing entertainer and the person who inspires many, a mother and daughter share the most beautiful bond that cannot be expressed in words, they are close to death when they deliver the next generation, and then comes the eternal death that deeply manifests the loved once for a lifetime. When your mother is an international celebrity, there are millions of other girls who get inspired by her that is the true achievement, both the mother and daughter have a different rhythm in place, there are so many things that make them different yet alike. Ertha Kitt resembles her father who is German-Irish with a blonde hair, unlike her Mom Kitt Shapiro.

Colorful musings, using everything that has become memories with her mom’s death when Ertha was young makes her a stronger woman today, the handwritten words are the  collection that is left behind the great entertainer Kitt, that Ethra has launched a new line of eco friendly business online, site here using her freedom of imagination with all her mother’s thoughts interwoven. The most important business lesson that is useful for any line of business an entrepreneur would imagine. Becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy road, with more girl power, the sky is the limit. Fertilize the future with the things you already have in present.

She was truly connected with the powers that be, spiritually. I grew up learning to respect and give back to the environment, that’s how she lived her life. Now, it is “of the moment.” [It’s trending] but if you lived in Beverly Hills or New York City in the 60’s people just didn’t do that. My mother was never a vegetarian but she was about everything being natural. I was not allowed to have processed food or soda or anything out of a can. Of course in the 60’s, things wasn’t as processed as they are today but all I wanted was a twinkie at times but the woman wouldn’t give me one {laughs]! If it didn’t come from the earth or it wasn’t made from nature, I couldn’t eat it. It just didn’t make any sense to her.