15 ‘Interesting’ Pregnancy Announcement Photos

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There are so many ways to capture your special time filled with your bump, but just in case you need a few ideas (and would like some laughs along the way) here are several pregnancy announcement photos that will...well, you'll see. Click to it!

All images courtesy of Pinterest

15 'Interesting' Pregnancy Announcement Photos

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  • Candy

    One question who came up with the idea of taking pictures of your fat stomach. To me it’s so not cute.

    • T

      Not everything has to be cute to celebrate. It’s called celebrating nature both the good and not so cute aspect of it. Just like how skin gets wrinkled as u get older, yeah, embrace it. Although, I’m not a big fan of these women showcasing for the world to see. But it can be done as a private personal collection.

      • Candy

        Some things need to be personal. I am not knocking them for taking the pictures just kept them to yourself. Don’t show the world everything cause when you do what do you have for yourself.

    • sweet_lies

      i didn’t take maternity pictures because i tend to be a bit more modest than most, HOWEVER while it’s never cute to take pictures of “your fat stomach,” a baby bump isn’t exactly a fat stomach now is it?

  • ohthatswhatyouthought

    Who are these hoodboogers on the last page?!

    • Candy

      Thank you!!!

    • LaShayeShante

      Same thing i said… why the black people have to look like idiots. Have mercy

    • Talunja Scott-Patterson

      I was thinking the same thing….wtf? and Why the hell does he have the baby bottle????

  • diva_ellesse

    all the pics were cute except that last one wtf

  • Ayisha Carnival Queen

    There is nothing wrong with women taking pictures of there beautiful bellies.

  • Bella

    2, 8, 11, & 13 are too funny. Great creativity.

  • sammi_lu

    #15, 16, and 11 are disturbing.. #2 was the cutest and most creative.

  • sweet_lies

    2… why is her stomach a different color than the rest of her body?

    • Guest

      LOL! Photoshop fail. The belly is the same color and her daughter.

  • http://www.letsfooty.com/ LetsFooty

    wow !!

  • Nick Foles #ThirstSquadFührer
  • RazzellDazzell

    Can we please have more diversity already….mine goodness!

  • Guest

    Why do you say “acceptable”, even if she isn’t a pro swimmer or underwater model, she can take her pics however she wants them? On another I find all pregnancy pictures boring, take all the pics you want but I really wish folks would stop sharing them.