Karli and Brandi Harvey: Meet Comedian Steve Harvey’s Twin Daughters


Comedian Steve Harvey has four children. His first shot at fatherhood was with twin daughters, Karli and Brandi Harvey, who were  born in 1982. The girls, now 31, are hardworking women who spend their time traveling the world. They hope to inspire young women to become leaders. Recently,  Brandi and Karli surprised young high school students at Disney Dreamers Academy with fashion lessons. Brandi is the Executive Director for The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation and Karli is the Creative Director for Steve Harvey Products and The Steve Harvey Women's Collection. Take a look at the young, fly and fabulous ladies through their journey:

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  • Candy

    Hmmmmmm… Their hair is sooooo pretty!!!

    • Sarah

      LOL. I see what you did Candy. Thumbs up!

  • Blondie

    They have masculine faces like the average blk females.

    • A Soft Look

      I agree…a lot of black women do have masculine features, very few of them are feminine looking ladies…I wonder why that is???…Howard Stern once said on his show that most black women are unattractive and he was bashed for telling the truth!!!

      • Rosemary Davis

        It sounds like you are white and either you are dating or you are married too a black man and you are insecure and some what jealous of the black woman you being white that is otherwise you wouldn’t show that you have such low self esteme about yourself through your comments

      • Jen

        Dummy lol to think people like you exist…….. You know I was watching Mandingo the other night… and those white men loved the black women ….. couldn’t stay away ….

      • English

        What and you pasty face white women are beautiful? PLEASE give me a break.

    • English

      You’re crazy right

    • Mary

      Blondie, why miss your NAMBLA meeting to post here?

  • http://thegameonbetblog.tumblr.com/ The Game Fan

    LOL! You really thought we were going to go through all of those pages for Steve Harvey’s unfamous daughters? Yall done wasted your energy on this post. Anyway their hair and makeup looks nice.

  • Reese

    They look like they played for the Chicago Bears in the 80s.

    • ajustinmoore

      Nailed it! Defensive line, at that! *lmao*

    • cleojones


    • PolkaDots




    • KandisWig

      JESUS!!!! Have mercy!!! LOL



    • You’renotme

      ROFLMAO cold as ICE!!!

    • ClassyInHtown

      Super Bowl Shuffle BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • 1st Amendment User

    I’m feeling very shallow this morning.. Those are some unattractive women.. Money and makeup does wonders for one’s appearance..

  • ajustinmoore

    So, what exactly are we supposed to be celebrating about them? The ability to come from the most ig’nant negro in entertainment? Looking like their dad’s twin sons? Being able to use more Photoshop than normal..? Looking like the non-photogenic love children of Serena Williams and Dwight Howard? wtf cares about these broads? I don’t!

    • Reese

      They work for their Dad and we are supposed to be impressed. Nothing wrong with it but lets not get too excited.

      • unque43

        What I’m pondering is why you clicked on their pics, to be negative. It’s not like they asked you to read the article. Geeez Who is getting excited? It nice to read about people doing positive things in life.

    • 1st Amendment User

      That was funny.. thank you

    • Mary

      I guess we can ‘celebrate’ that they have more going on in their lives than sitting behind a computer screen and playing (amateur) comedian like you do.

      • ajustinmoore

        Well I do believe I found the one person who cares about these two! Congrats. You win a dog biscuit! I hear you b***hes love them!

        • Ms. Egypt

          LMAO! Get’er!

    • Starrr

      Nah, they look like Missy Eliott got herself pregant, and had twins.

    • You’renotme

      LMAO smh

    • Ms. Egypt

      LMAOOOOOOOOO! Thank you. They look like Mighty Joe Young in the face….OMG@ them black a$$ gums & midget teeth….They can gargle with milk & spit hot cocoa….YUK! Juts fuggin UGLY

    • ClassyInHtown

      I feel you, but that’s a bit harsh. Male PMS?

  • cleojones

    I came for the comments and they do not disappoint..

    • 1st Amendment User

      I know right

    • Nene

      Agreed. They look like Missy Elliot during her I can’t stand the rain days. lol

    • ClassyInHtown

      ROTFLMAO!! Me too!! Handsome girls. That’s all I got folks. (God forgive me)

  • Ladydi82

    “They sure are Uglyyyyyy”- color purple.

    • Sarah

      To make it sound more ‘authentic’, you have to say “Dey sho is uglyyy”. LOL.

  • Reese

    If Angela Bassette were a potato head, that’s what she would look like.

    • DRKG

      OMG…………that was hilarious!

    • PolkaDots

      LOL, what?!!!!

    • Maggie

      I just saw this and after a year I am still too done lol

  • lala

    All that $$ Steve has and he couldn’t try to fix their faces at least a little bit? I mean there’s ugly and then apparently there’s the Harveys. WOW. I mean it’s painful to even look at their pic.

    • Asky Askerson

      LMAO! Daaaamn!

    • legaleagle

      Lol…you guys are harsh. I saw them up close a few years ago at Essence Fest and they were cute. I don’t think they’re very photogenic. Many people look better in person than in pictures.

    • Candy

      They need some nose jobs bad as hell!!!! They to manly looking.

      • Ms. Egypt

        SCREAMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop it….Y’all killing me….man nah they REALLY need a gum transplant FIRST. Man black a$$ gum are gross!

      • ClassyInHtown

        Why do they need nosejobs? They’re black women. If anything, they need to not wear their hair so short. I’m sick of black people talking about nose jobs. We’re so brainwashed.

        • Kathleen Peeples

          … and so are you. So what’s wrong with them not wanting to be all weaved down and wear their own hair. NOSE JOB, HAIR, it’s a bunch ignorant HATERS on here. Get a life and GROW UP!!!

    • TT

      My thing is i feel bad cause their other siblings are attractive…I guess steve’s choice of women got better as he made more money..because the younger his children, the more attractive

      • Ms. Egypt

        “I guess steve’s choice of women got better as he made more money.” <<<<< BINGO!

      • ClassyInHtown

        Money talks. Dear ugly boys: Grow up and make a lot of money and you’ll be able to buy a hot woman. You’ll still be ugly though. Oh and you better not run out of money.

    • wonderful one

      To me, they look like “Little Shirley Strawberrys”, but these are young ladies, and imagine if they read this, how they will feel as black women who have kept themselves out of the public eye, are professional women, and now this isn.

      • Ms. Egypt

        B*tch go cry in a corner…sensitive a$$ ho

    • Ms. Egypt

      There faces look like look like a pair of decorative African Masks

      • ClassyInHtown

        In other words: B-EA-U-T-I-F-U-L!! B*TCH!! That’s supposed to be an insult? I know you’re not on here clowning black people. SELF-HATING B*TCH, you need to check your DNA. And it’s “THEIR” B*TCH! BRAINWASHED B*TCH!! It was all fun and games until some B*TCH had to make a comment like that. Now go sit your a** in a corner somewhere. NEVER degrade MOTHER AFRICA in any form or fashion B*TCH!! Check yourself crusty B*TCH!! I don’t usually call women B*TCHES, BUT B*TCH YOU DESERVE IT!!

      • Jenni

        dumb bish

    • ClassyInHtown

      I think they’re attractive. They’re just a little masculine in the face, but still attractive. We’re so used to seeing rich black people with nose jobs, like Beyonce. I’m glad they haven’t gone down that road.

  • commonsense is lacking

    These women are not unattractive, they are nice looking women, come on people these days the comment section is really spiteful

  • Jane

    I have no issues with his daughters but Steve is a hypocrite because he wasn’t checking for his daughers until he married his third wife. Then he takes his child from his second wife. Now all of a sudden he is supposed to be such a christian and family man since marrying his third wife who he acts like is the second coming. I even read that he has her kids to calingl him “Daddy” and his kids to calling her “Mommy.” She seems like a nice person but she wasn’t spit before he married her and he isn’t spit now. He did both of his previous wives wrong and that’s exactly how he is going to do her. He started messing around with the third wife while still married to the second wife. And that’s exactly what he did to the first wife.

    • cleojones

      true that..

    • Dee

      This chick is a money grubber. She dated BROTHERS in the Chicago area. Both BIG time high faluting drug “kingpins”, When the “king” went to prison (he got YEARS in there), she started dating the brother. SMH. She AIN’T NO CHRISTIAN. Nope. She was all up and THRU the dope world. Google that chick.

      • Guess who

        Wrong. She was married to the head dope man here in Memphis until he went to prison for life. Then she got with another big time dealer here until he went to jail, then she married his first cousin. Nobody here in Memphis buy into the Steve Harvey bs because we all know his wife background. She didn’t even have her own kids until she got with Steve and he try to paint her as this good clean Christian woman.

        • Starrr

          Wow. You all really put her asss on blast!!!!!

        • wonderful one

          So are we all mad because she continues to be able with her looks and finesse to pull brothers with money? Hell we all know that Steve is paid and loves the ground she walks on. Let’s not be mad about that unless, you are one of Mary’s friends.

          • Ms. Egypt

            B*tch PLEASE STFU…Thanks in advance

    • wonderful one

      Remember that Steve said, within the last few years, that “God Changed Him.”

      • ClassyInHtown

        That’s what they all say when they want black folks to forget about what they did. I don’t want to hear it.

    • ClassyInHtown

      THANK YOU! I have respect for him.

  • shortladytot

    All of these neg. Post r stupid just like the people who wrote them if u don’t have nothing nice to say don’t post…ijs

    • lala

      Oh please. You get a huge HO SIT DOWN. I’m sorry but the Harveys are NOT nice people and constantly tell others what to do, judge others, slander others, make $$ off of the backs of others, etc. Well, now it’s time for some “tough love” pointed in their direction. The truth hurts, but the truth shall set you free. Them birds is UGLY, UGLY, UGLY. Point. Blank. Period.

    • Rickie

      @shortladytot – shut the fluck up!

  • Asky Askerson

    ….Well, that’s unfortunate.

  • emmie

    Meet “Ugly and Mo’ Ugly” produced by “Big Ugly…..aka Amanmda Burns

  • Avery

    Yikes! Who let the dogs out! Woof! Woof! They beat Cheryl Underwood for ugly arse lady boys. Them hoez look like they was a member of the Temptations. No way they only 30!

    • Starrr

      That’s sooo mean!

  • PolkaDots

    Actually they look like they could be one of the Braxtons. Like Towanda’s sister. tsk, tsk, tsk

  • ATLStompa

    I don’t know which one is which BUT I heard the Karli one was a homewrecker…..she just caused a divorce between a retired WNBA player Tameka Raymond and her husband…..quiet as it’s kept lol. I’d be scared of a WNBA players friends…..them hoes big lol

  • ObservintheATL

    Wow! Y’all are harsh! Does anyone posting here have children? If so, how is it that you think they’d feel to read the things written here, if it was about them? How would you feel? I know that my heart would break.
    I don’t know anything about their dad’s or his current wife’s personal past. However, I am acquainted with these two young women and, I can personally attest to the beauty of their spirits.
    First, but certainly not most important, is that they are confident, attractive and very stylish. More important is the fact that, unlike many celebrity seeds we read about on these very pages, these young ladies have chosen to make a name for themselves by giving back. They know they’ve been blessed. And rather than make an infamous mess of their lives, by showing up at every celebrity event – in various states of undress, under the influence and “dating” every male that breathes – they spend their time exploring ways to build confidence in and encouraging other young women. They regularly produce and host events that sow positive seeds in “our community”. As a mother, I’d be proud to call them my daughters.
    The things you’ve written here are mean spirited and unfair. You may not (for whatever reasons) like their dad or his wife but, these girls don’t deserve your wrath because of it.

    • ajustinmoore

      These produced events aren’t free to the public, are they? And to host events you make money as a host. (You do know that, don’t you..?) You don’t just show up out of the goodness of your heart and love of your community–unless you’re the real deal. Truly concerned about the youth. Jasiri X, for example… So, don’t get volunteerism and community activism confused with pimping the community for the sake of a dollar. For example, whoever produces Black Expo makes a killing pretending it has an impact it doesn’t. And before you get all butthurt on behalf of their father, remember that these women aren’t acting as independent entities. They’re using his name to advance their career objectives and create some status for themselves. This article didn’t say :Meet the Twins: Karli and Brandi. You should educate yourself about young celebrities. The good ones you won’t read about in gossip rags. They’re in school, starting businesses, & living their lives–many times without piggybacking on their parent’s names out of a desire to make their OWN name.

      • ObservintheATL

        First – I’m not quite sure why you find it necessary to personally attack, in order to disagree. Secondly, I am well aware that there a difference between volunteering and activism. For the record, the events they’ve hosted, that I’m speaking of, were fundraisers – neither of which I knew to be connected to them, until I arrived at the events. As for volunteerism -whil
        e it is no longer a viable entity,
        Young, Fit & Fly was a non-profit these women established to mentoradolescent girls. Completely a volunteer effort.
        Thirdly – Butthurt? Over their father? Really? If you’ll read my statement, again, you see that I clearly stated that I don’t know anything about their dad or his wife’s past. I know nothing about this man. No reason to get hurt over him.
        Finally, the only thing that concerned me about the comments is that these are 2 young women who are trying to do positive things. Why not focus on that, instead of what anyone thinks they look like. To write such hurtful things about their appearance is extremely unkind. And I am sure none of us here would want such things written about our own children.

    • Starrr

      Thank you.

      That’s the 1st thing I thought.At least these ladies are not the run of the mill drugged out, drunk, ain’t doing shjt, celebrity seed. Nice seeing something positive for a change.

    • wonderful one

      I so agree. They don’t deserve this it all. I am a die hard fan of Steve Harvey, and his daughters don’t deserve this, but when we sit at home, probably without love in our lives, or God in our hearts, then we can be real cruel at times for no reason. I imagine Steve Harvey would be pretty hurt too if he read this, because he too is a sensitive man when it comes to his wife or his children. We cannot keep holding his past relationships against him.

      • ClassyInHtown

        …lots of miserable people in this world……they’ll die miserable..

  • Guest

    I’m sick of seeing this “black girls rock crap” What is this about? You all know that if ‘white girls rock’ or any other race of girl flaunted their race like this, the whole entire black community would be screaming racism. Has all the other races of women stolen so much of your thunder that black women have to put on a show and do things like this to uplift themselves?

  • Sandbrn

    Truth is, each mean spirited comment just further degrades black women on a whole. Black women have visual and audio evidence on a daily basis referencing us as less than beautiful, but then we, not all but some, will continue the bashing process…Why? Why can’t positive moves be celebrated rather than focusing on the way someone looks, because lets face it none of us are ever going to be considered the ideal of beauty by all people. So dragging these two ladies through the mud because of their looks doesn’t make you any more of a beautiful person, but it sure does make you appear real ugly in your ways.

  • Rickie

    This is why I don’t care for twins. With one child, you only have the chances of one child being an ugmug, but with twins, you have multiple ugly children.

  • shara

    wow…………….woof woof they are very ugly.

  • RiRi Osborne

    if they had smaller noses they would be attractive. they have the money for plastic surgery. I don’t mean Lil Kim kind of plastic surgery but subtle changes like beyonce.

  • Tia

    I had to stop my sister from saying they looked like horses. “As the old school used to say ” they are Steve all over again”. I love Steve though. Some girls take on ALL their father’s genes, therefore look masculine no matter what…as long as they don’t have diva attitudes that is choking the black community they are alright with me.

  • Da Toof

    That picture makes my balls hurt!

  • Da Toof

    Look at dem gums…. ALL BLACK EVERYTHING!

  • young afrique

    the comments are so awesome…its just truth!

  • E.

    Beautiful sisters. Wish them continued success in all their endeavors. I wish this this article told more of their work and not just pictures.

  • Raquel1237

    Whoa.. They might be the UGLIEST twins I’ve ever seen!! Ugh her gums

  • my opinion

    tht one pix was all I needed to see. don’t nobody have time to go thru all those damn pages to look at some ugly women pls. sorry tht is just my opinion and I know some of u have been thinkin samething just didn’t want to type it… lol

  • Poochie

    such strong features they have

  • Sarah

    They are seriously ugly. He has a young teenaged son who is very good looking, but these ladies are hideous.

  • Desel555

    beauty is only skin deep ….yea yea yea

    beauty is only skin deep….. Hell Nawwwww

    • Jae Bee

      I know I’m late on this but…LMBAO!

      As they say, “Beauty’s only skin deep, but ugly is to the BONE!”.

  • nunu

    They look like Steve

  • C57

    They look like men who NEED a makeover!!!!! LOL! Is their mom cute, at least???

  • O- Vegan

    So Harvey, The Knee Grow, has twins with bigger heads than him. That only means they are most likely twice as twisted as he is and sadly also as fugly as he is.

  • Shell Patrick

    copy of dad!!!!!

  • Danielle Muslimswagstastic

    Good lawd they are hurt. I’m just keeping it real.

  • Daniel Asamota

    Man talk about the hate! Goodness, its so sad all the hate.

  • ablain

    They’re fly like their daddy… and cute too.

  • Simplicity

    At first glance I thought I saw Missy Elliott…& Missy Elliott. Whew! & to be the tender age of 31 they look a bit long in the tooth. It must be the makeup but hey I’m sure they are loved!

  • dominique avery

    Damn they mama side had some strong genes… I pray & hope they don’t see these comments

  • Lisha

    Missy Elliot come get yo people!

  • Will_Tha_Great

    Beautiful,interprising young ladies.

  • Steve Stone

    Thought I would make it through ten comments before I got to a Missy Elliot reference. How wrong I was

  • You’renotme

    I will plead the 5th on them and keep it moving! Good day ya’ll

  • LikesToKeepItReal

    Lots of stupid comments on here. They’re beautiful women.

  • tata111

    Those little dolphin teeth…nooooo and there is o of them

  • DeeWood

    They seem like nice masculine looking young ladies!

  • Ms e

    If you don’t have anything nice to saw , don’t say anything. Thank you .

    • Denise Lopes

      Thank you Ms e

  • Peaches

    Damn they look like dudes.

  • Mike

    Come on Steve, stop playing, I get it you put your sons in drag, haha your a funny guy now where are your daughters

  • FoxyBrown

    I went to high school with them. . . they weren’t the nicest girls!!!!! I’ve been wondering where they were and why I never seen them in public. . .

  • Peaches

    No offense but they are butt ugly. They look like men.

    • sweet_lies


  • biggiet

    You NEGROES ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Hating on these two young black women because they are not attractive enough for you?! Really? And you wonder why we can’t get any dam where as a community. Because we’re always putting each other down. For all we know they’re very nice young ladies. Get yourselves together. If you don’t have anything nice to say, please STFU.

  • Fernando

    What do you expect…they are Steve’s daughters…he is ugly as hell…sorry but it is the truth…and what the hell is he giving advice about relationship? tripping.

  • kenyetta

    i think they look wonderful. 2 beautiful dark skin women.

  • Starnexus

    Steve when they say “don’t lick a gift horse in the mouth” they didn’t mean have twins with one

  • ODWms

    Seriously, though. Why do so many sistas look like men in the face now?