41 And Fit: Gabrielle Union Workout Plan


One major Hollywood star always makes time for fitness. Guess who? Actress Gabrielle Union, 41. The newlywed has a basketball star for a husband, so it's not hard to imagine that they keep each other motivated. She's in shape and has managed to look the same way for the past 10 years.

"With her body, she's a natural athlete," Union's trainer, Ahmad Baari, told Us Weekly in the fall of 2012. "Depending on her schedule we'll do about three or four months that I will see her regularly, she'll leave and then come back and we work to get her back to where she wants to be. She tells me exactly what she needs. We try to keep it down to 90 minutes, each work out. That includes stretching about 15 to 20 minutes before and after," he said of her workout regimen. He added, "As far as diet, I try to suggest lots of organic foods. It's mind body spirit way of working out."

After getting engaged to Dwyane Wade, Gab divulged her unorthodox approach to keeping her fabulous physique on Conan earlier this year: an exercise and diet regimen she dubbed "The Porn Diet."

Her gurus? Adult film stars, who happen to work out at her gym.

When host Conan O'Brien asked whether she watches them exercise near her, like on the Stairmaster, Union amusingly replied, "Yep, and I'll be on the next one going, 'You're not getting off before me!' "

"I'll watch and see what they're ordering [at the juice bar]," the Being Mary Jane star said, adding that they appear to adhere to a vegan diet based on what they choose.

Take a look at the actress off-duty and in the gym putting in work.

41 And Fit: Gabrielle Union Workout Plan

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    Damn Gabby got ya’ll on her payroll??? Anyway yeh she lookn good

  • halogen

    madonna is fitter!

    • halogen

      her legs are too big!

  • FranCharDi

    Don’t nobody care about Gabrielle