Kim Kardashian Airport Style: 12 Jet-Setting Photos


Celebrity mom and recent Vogue cover feature Kim Kardashian, fabulously floats through global airports with her jet set style on 10. Spoiler alert-- none of these photos feature Mr. West or Baby Nori. It's all about her fabulous self! Get it haute mama!

 Kim Kardashian Airport Style: 12 Jet-Setting Pics



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  • dezy p

    The b is baaad!

  • Tee_Dot

    She needs to go back to black hair and styling herself

    • Cynkisskiss

      Yes she does

  • Cynkisskiss

    She’s so pretty

  • Kelli

    I am mad you guys choose pics that does not display her entire outfits. Just randompics.. As a fashionista I am here for the fashion.. Such a disappointment

  • dezy p

    I got money and a lot of name brand rags, what I dont have is the patience and motivation to dress up everyday, and the courage too cause some of that stuff like the over tje knee boots I would never wear to the airport! Kudos to her!!

  • Jane

    Why is she being shown on this site.

  • mimi

    If kim is someone we are forced to view as a role model (because she’s overexposed and being shoved down our throats) we as a society are doomed.

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