Kim Kardashian’s Airport Style: 12 Jet-Setting Pics

kim at airport 1

Spoiler alert -- none of these photos feature North West. Now that we have that out of the way, check out how  celebrity mom, Kim Kardashian, fabulously  floats through global airports with her jet set style on 10. Go girl!

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  • dezy p

    The b is baaad!

  • Tee_Dot

    She needs to go back to black hair and styling herself

    • Cynkisskiss

      Yes she does

  • Cynkisskiss

    She’s so pretty

  • Kelli

    I am mad you guys choose pics that does not display her entire outfits. Just randompics.. As a fashionista I am here for the fashion.. Such a disappointment

  • dezy p

    I got money and a lot of name brand rags, what I dont have is the patience and motivation to dress up everyday, and the courage too cause some of that stuff like the over tje knee boots I would never wear to the airport! Kudos to her!!

  • Jane

    Why is she being shown on this site.

  • mimi

    If kim is someone we are forced to view as a role model (because she’s overexposed and being shoved down our throats) we as a society are doomed.