Miriam Carey and Postpartum Depression

On October 3, Miriam Carey was shot and killed, while her young daughter sat in the backseat of the car that she had just stepped out of. Miriam drove from her home state of Connecticut to Washington D.C for reasons which are still unknown.

Still unclear, the cause is also suggested as postpartum depression. It is normally found in women who have just given birth. In such women who have been diagnosed with postpartum depression are found to have extreme anger and sadness and unexpected mood swings. Such mothers will face difficulty in even carry out their day to day activity.

It is not because of a singular cause. Instead, its cause is not entirely known. The mother feels left out or feels an absence in their life after going through months of carrying a baby. It is mainly due to the change in emotional and chemical factors in the day to day workings of the human body. During the pregnancy phase, the women undergo changes in their physiological and psychological factors and might face difficulties during the period. But once the delivery occurs, there is still an imbalance in the hormone level in the body. There is a big imbalance which has to remedy itself otherwise causing some mental instability.

It is also a better option to visit this page before going forward with the treatment. It is very difficult to diagnose postpartum depression. There are a variety of symptoms which only a healthcare representative can clarify about as the symptoms vary from woman to woman. So it is actually kind of difficult to check whether the person is suffering from postpartum depression or not and unless diagnosed difficult to treat properly for the defect and hence the condition might worsen. So timely interference is important or it might lead to fatal accidents.

After the initial report of shots being fired by the Capitol Building in Washington D.C., the nation anxiously waited for new developments in the story. Soon the mainstream media was back to announce that the shooting was not related to terrorism and quickly shifted the story from a new mother being gunned down by Capitol police to the frightened elected representatives inside the building debating a solution to the government shutdown.

By the next morning the country seemed to forget about the killing of Miriam and news channels were actively reporting the latest non-important Miley Cyrus story.