Singer Cassie’s Red Hot Style Evolution

We've watched singer Cassie make her way through the music biz since 2006. Then, she was just a sweet 20-year-old signed to Bad Boy Records. Under the tutelage of Sean Combs, Cassie has evolved into a style icon for some. Take a look at her style journey:

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  • AfricanQueenSista

    So many of us dark skinned sisters would kill to have her complexion

    • Honey!!

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    • Alexis

      lol is this a troll, seriously i cant

    • Kim

      Thats a joke right? The Secret of how to grow african
      american hair will finally be unlocked. The information in this book will work
      for any hair type but its really written for women with very tightly coiled
      hair who have had allot of difficulty retaining length.