9 Baby Pics Of Young Money Rapper Drake


Young Money rapper Drake recently turned 27, and to celebrate the milestone, we've gathered some of his adorable baby photos!

Take a look at the former Degrassi star, as a young kid with his mother and infamous pops from the ''Worst Behavior' video:

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  • DrOVOandLipstick

    He has always been handsome!

  • guest

    Nobody ever comments on W.C. Jimmy stories. It’s lonely in here….I hear an echo, echo, echo………………………

  • DRKG

    Love me some Drako………………yummy……………….If I wasn’t married, I would probably be a Drako groupie……………lol

  • britchick91

    Number 9 so cute

  • Atreyu

    He was absolutely freakin adorable! Seeing those baby pics makes me want to just want to cuddle him and squeeze those cute cute cheeks. I hope whomever he has children with, they look like him. He was so cute. <3

    • Atreyu

      I meant I hope his babies look like him.

  • PolkaDots

    No offense, but if I were white and my kid came out more BLACK in appearance that white I would be kinda disappointed. It’s like where is the mother in you?

    I guess that’s why they had the saying “…one drop of black blood…”

    • jamy47

      that’s what they call self hate. ask yourself why you think having a kid that looks black as wrong.

      • PolkaDots

        Negative. If I had children and ESPECIALLY IF I WERE WHITE, I would wanna SEE myself in my child for sure.


          You dumb & hopefully childless. I would wanna see YOU with NO child. Like who thinks dumbness like that.

          • PolkaDots

            There are a MYRIAD of things WRONG with your statement

            “You dumb & hopefully childless. I would wanna see YOU with NO child. Like who thinks dumbness like that.” Beginning with the POOR grasp of language.

            The next time you ATTEMPT to comment on anything I post please make sure that you adept at COMMUNICATING as it is CLEARLY evident that you are STUPID.

            When a person has a CHILD they want to see attributes and/or characteristics of THEMSELVES in their child IF the child is biologically there own. AGAIN, you sound like an IDIOT and why I feel the need to respond to such a MORONIC statement is beyond me but consider yourself BLESSED.

            And then the SHEER IDEA that you BELIEVE that your opinion – as stupid as it is – has any POWER let alone any MERIT in my life AGAIN proves how much of a MORON you really are.

            #YOUR AN IDIOT
            #READ A BOOK.

        • smoothlilee09

          Then be with someone white…duh

          • PolkaDots

            Please shut up and try to ADDRESS the point made in the statement. At this point, the thread is closed so I’m confused at why you are still commenting on anything that I have listed on the page other than the fact that you are an idiot and monkey.

          • Hello

            Black people on this site are very sensitive. Especially when you post an opinion that strays away from the normal, generic, comments that African Americans always give.

    • Hello

      I see what you’re trying to say. People want children that look like them. Meaning, if you are a black woman, you want a child that looks black. If you are a white woman you want a child that looks white. That is not self hate like jamy47 typed. IT is self love. However, if I had a child with a white man, I’d want our child to be a physical reflection of the both of us, white and black.

  • You’renotme

    I love him!!!! He look the same

  • softness1

    He’s too cute but I see no bottom where he started in none of those pix. Where he started is up from where I’m at now. Lmao. I’m subterranean then

  • NovaKanee

    Looks like he had an awesome childhood

  • Hello

    He looks like an 80’s Cabbage Patch Doll.

  • commonsense1

    He was a cute as a kid , but he looks his breath stinks as an adult